Sport and its impact on biohacking

Sport and its impact on biohacking

In this post, I’m not going to clog your brains and tell you over and over again that sports are good for you, make you more energetic, make your brain work better and blah-blah-blah. We all know this repeatedly and have heard it thousands of times.

Ironically, I often hear about the benefits of sports from people who, to put it mildly, have neglected themselves:their bellies are about twice as thick as mine! And even more paradoxical if they are doctors (who know very well from their work that lack of sports = multiple health risks).

I especially remember two women: an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. They work in different clinics and are not related to each other. But both of them were very overweight. Although they have a specialty that directly affects being overweight. What is this about propaganda for sports and a healthy lifestyle? Either they themselves are not following the general requirements recommended by endocrinologists and gastroenterologists, or they have diseases that are not treatable. There could be another reason as well. But it seems to me more that they just don’t follow the general rules themselves.

I remember another surgeon who drank heavily, and it was clear not only from his behavior, but also from his skin, sunken eyes and slurred speech. What to expect from people outside the medical field, if even some doctors themselves, when recommending their patients to exercise or at least to increase activity, do not do it themselves and even have bad habits? I have often wondered about this and have come to the following conclusions:

  1. It’s not enough to know that sports are good for you. You need to be aware of it and understand it. I have studied in detail the effect of physical activity on health. And when I don’t do sports, I feel discomfort psychologically;
  2. You need to have a reason for why to increase physical activity. For most people the motivation to “be healthy” is lacking. Most people don’t think about getting old and generally what they are doing to their bodies. They may be aware of it, but it’s not of such value to them that they want to live a healthy lifestyle.

To begin with, I recommend that you study more specifically how physical activity affects your condition from the inside. And secondly, to understand why you need it. The last question is more important. Some people don’t care about their health, but they value being beautiful and sexy and that’s what motivates them. Another thing is that the pursuit of beauty sometimes conflicts with health. For others, the motivation to increase physical activity is health problems and for them it’s a matter of life and death. But there is another category of people who act not out of negative motivation, but primarily out of positive motivation. Fortunately, that’s how I am.

I exercise to feel energetic, to be toned, to sleep well, to live longer. I also realize that my organs (including my brain, circulation, hormone production, and so on) depend on my physical activity.

Sports affect almost all areas of human activity, even the psyche. Many people stuff themselves with all sorts of pills to pump up this or that part of their health, but they lose sight of the fact that sometimes just do sports and eat right and most problems will automatically disappear.

The benefits of sports for biohacking are obvious. Doctors of all disciplines, from general practitioners to urologists, will confirm this to you. Of course, in certain diseases, too, there are nuances, but there is no question of whether to do sports or not. Even if you have individual peculiarities, you still need to do sports, just adapting to the current disease.

Sports are less harmful than biohacking pills and supplements, it’s a safe way to pump yourself up. And that’s what doctors will tell you too.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which are always the subject of heated debate and discussion, everyone unanimously agrees on the health benefits of physical activity (as doctors, as scientific community and even people from the spiritual or esoteric sphere). It is the most powerful tool for wellness. And in most cases, it’s even free!

Physical activity can be done anytime and anywhere, even at home. Many people make excuses for not exercising: no time, no money, and so on. But these same people find the time to hang out in social networks without benefit, or drink every 3-5 days and then take a half day off. Even a 15 minute run in the morning or some kind of exercise at home is already better than nothing at all.

As of this writing, my physical activity consists of 3 parts:

  • the gym;
  • the swimming pool;
  • and walking outside.

I try to walk more often when it’s warm. I often park a little further away from point B so I can walk a few steps. I often walk down from my floor. And I alternate between the gym and the pool, depending on my desire. Such alternation allows me to get bored with one or another sport, and also brings more benefits. It is useful to do different kinds of sports and to alternate them with each other. And it is important to do what you like, so that it is long-lasting.

From time to time I change the sport to one that interests me at a particular point in time. That’s because I’m all for stable sports. And stability depends on how much I am interested in doing it. Abruptly changing the field of sports helps keep my interest in exercise.

So if you have a problem with motivation, try changing the sport you do or play periodically and eventually you’ll come across one that you don’t have to go to by sheer force of will alone. It’s great when you have a huge desire to play a sport and are looking forward to those moments to go to the gym or elsewhere.

Earlier I wrote about the environment of a biohacker. This is a very powerful motivator (and demotivator). That’s why you need to choose people in your environment who care about their health. That’s why you need to socialize and be friends with people who lead healthy lifestyles and play sports more often. Then for your subconsciousness to do sports will become something self-evident.

If you are passionate about biohacking, daily workouts should become your habit. It’s like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Few people like this procedure, but millions of man and woman still brush their teeth in the morning because they have to, because it has become a habit. We don’t even always think about it and go to brush them on automatic.

Of course, brushing teeth and sports are different levels of difficulty, requiring different levels of motivation, but with physical activity you can come to something similar. And that’s something to strive for. For extra motivation I read books about health and almost all of them describe benefits of sports and prove them scientifically. Also I watch videos on Youtube on this subject. After that the desire increases again.

Of course, I’m not perfect myself. I’m not saying that I work out every day, sometimes I skip sports. But it’s better to do something small than nothing. For my part I try to compensate quantity with quality: I do not stand still and every time I increase load and length of exercises.

Speaking of sports loads, they are small. I do not want to become an athlete, I do not need it. Moreover, I know that too frequent exercise is very counterproductive (e.g. exhaustion, fatigue). That’s why it is better to find the golden mean, to exercise in moderation, as much as you need to maintain health and tone.

Don’t forget that professional sports often cripple athletes and by old age many of professionals have health problems. This happens because their goal was not to be healthy, but to win prizes. On the other hand, your goal (as a biohacker) is to improve your health. So my advice to you:

When you read the sports and fitness blogs and literature, focus specifically on the information that is designed to prevent and improve health, not to compete other sportsmans.

In general, professional sports and health have little in common. I’m not even afraid to write that they are often opposites, especially in some sports.

There can be contradictions in the field of sports. For example, some say that the gym is good for you, and others say that it is bad for you. Here, too, it is necessary to find the golden mean (to do what you enjoy and does not harm your health, and to exercise in moderation). I go to the gym and do light exercise until I get tired. I don’t have a goal of being a jock and feeling like a mountain of muscle. I don’t lift too heavy weights. I do as much as I need to feel better, more energetic and increase my muscle mass a little bit in moderation. I used to want to be a jock, but now I realize that being trim is just enough for me.

There’s a saying, “It’s one step from love to hate”. It’s the same in sports. From healthy sports to unhealthy sports is also one step. In any case, there are sports that are definitely good for most people, like running or at least exercising at home. These are mandatory activities for a biohacker.

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