John Kehoe’s 7 selected thoughts

John Kehoe’s 7 selected thoughts

John Kehoe is a famous Canadian writer, philanthropist and personal growth coach. He was not rich and famous. He made his name known to the world by himself, and in a very elaborate way. For three whole years he consciously secluded himself from civilization in the forests of British Columbia, where he meditated and studied the possibilities of the human brain.

John Kehoe shared the results of this experiment in his book “Mind Power Into the 21st Century”, which quickly became a bestseller. He created his own training program “The Power of Mind”, which has helped many people around the world to unlock their personal potential.

In this article we will tell you what we think are the most interesting quotes and thoughts of this great author:

  1. In order for your external circumstances to change, you must first change your internal circumstances. If your thoughts and beliefs remain unchanged, it is useless to change your external circumstances;
  2. Be conscious of your own thoughts because they shape your future. Everything you constantly think about affects your life in one way or another;
  3. Take a few minutes each day to mentally focus on your health and strength. Imagine energy saturating every cell of your body. Treat your own body as a magical healing mechanism. This simple exercise has a healing effect;
  4. Don’t focus on the problem, but rather focus on the opportunities that the solution offers. Never stop at one solution to a problem. Remember that life offers many different possibilities and alternatives. Develop your creativity;
  5. A thought that flashed once has no particular power, but if you repeat it repeatedly, its power increases considerably. Concentrate on repeating the thoughts that are important to you every day, at least for a few minutes;
  6. The quality of your life depends on your thoughts, on how you think and what you think about. Imagine your goals as if they were happening to you right now. Create detailed images in your brain, forming your own reality in your mind. Practice this on a daily basis;
  7. If someone is trying to hurt you, know that person is suffering inside. Observe yourself when you are hard on others, and you’ll see that you only do this when it hurts you.

In addition to the above, John Kehoe advises to turn any situation into a favorable occasion for you and to try to have a positive way of thinking prevail over a negative one. Remember that happiness is almost always lies inside you, and it is in your power to become its catalyst!

To learn more interesting thoughts of John Kehoe you can buy the book “Mind Power Into the 21st Century“.

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