What kind of people can take away our health and confidence?

What kind of people can take away our health and confidence?

Throughout the day, we may be surrounded by different people and personalities. Some of them give you strength and energy, along with health, and some of them, on the contrary, pull it on themselves. No, you can’t say that this person is bad, he is just like that in his own way – he needs other people’s energy to exist, and he doesn’t know any other way to get it from his environment, or rather he can’t even think that his actions can pull health and energy from someone else. He does it on the level of intuition and the desire of his own physical body.

So how to recognize such people, who are pulling other people’s energy and health? Let’s find out.

What people should you minimize communication with?

Your most reliable ally in this matter is your body. Near such a person you usually feel uncomfortable, you may become irritable, aggressive or on the contrary sluggish, weak, apathetic and unsure of your actions.

The second important trait of people who absorb other people’s energy and health is their appearance. As a rule such people look infirm, they have weak physical body as well as health. However, as soon as such a person finds a victim (his source of energy), they suddenly become more confident, their shoulders straighten, their skin rosy, as if they “flower bloom from a withered bud”.

These are key points. Here are some more signs of such people:

  1. Their way of talking to you. Such people humiliate you at every opportunity. You often hear them say: “You won’t make it” or “You can’t do that” or “Why do you need it?” or “You can’t jump above the ceiling” etc. They simply make you lose the will to do something, simply because they provoke negative emotions in you, and that is the reason for your loss of energy. And as a result you get insecurity and you set yourself a wrong program for failure with your own thoughts;
  2. Perpetual criticans. Such people are impossible to please, they are constantly criticizing what you are doing. Interestingly, they can easily pretend to be your friend, but in fact they need something else (your energy);
  3. “Controllers”. They are constantly watching you and controlling everything. Being “under the hood” of constant control is very exhausting, but the “controller” on the contrary receives a powerful burst of energy;
  4. Those who are constantly interrupting you and shouting over you. Such people assert themselves at your expense. By interrupting or over-shouting you, such a person consciously or unconsciously considers himself better than you, which gives him energy and strength. In addition, such people irritate people with their constant loud chatter, but they like it (it gives them more mood and confidence);
  5. “Scandalizers”. Such people literally make scandals out of nothing. Give them any topic and they will make a scandal out of it. Being in the company of such a paranoid person is uncomfortable. There is no point in talking to such people – the “scandalizer” is just waiting for that, so the best thing to do is just not to contact him;
  6. Pessimists. These are people who are constantly dissatisfied with everything. Even if they are doing well, they still find a reason to complain. Scientists proved that pessimism and emotions of other people can be transmitted to others. Some people are just more sensitive to other people’s emotions and some are less sensitive. Extroverts are the worst off. If such a person is constantly around a pessimist, it presses mentally, the person adopts the emotions and even other people’s health problems;
  7. Fidgety people. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of plans and trying to do everything quickly. Except for one “but”: if such people do not drive others with their fuss. We all have different ways of thinking, different sources of energy and different rhythms of life. And if you spend a long time in the company of a fussy person, who is constantly rushing you, it will exhaust you. Worse than that: you may begin to have health problems. Remember: we’re all different people, so there’s no need to fit in;
  8. Egoists and egocentrists. These are people who constantly praise only themselves, who constantly take credit for other people’s merits. Egoists are not interested in other people, even if they communicate with you, they only need to speak out, to complain, to “replenish their reserves”. By sympathizing with such people we give our energy but get nothing in return. Therefore, it is better to minimize communication with them;
  9. Envious people. And of course we should not forget about the envious people. Communicate with them very carefully, giving out any information strictly dosed, not giving anything to disseminate gossip and rumors about you. Meanwhile, do not forget that envy is not only black, but also white. In the latter case, the person envies you not to hurt or ruin your reputation, but to become like you. In this case, from such a person can turn out a good friend (we have already written about this in our blog).

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