The smell of old age

The smell of old age

Japanese scientists recently discovered the “smell of old age”. They came to the conclusion that older people have a specific unpleasant smell. And if an elderly person will be next to a young person, the latter will definitely smell this smell and can turn away with disgust.

The Japanese scientists’ solution to this problem is also quite strange: in their opinion the old people should buy different expensive perfumery products, which will get rid of this repulsive smell. If you smell good, then no one will take you for an old man or woman.

A whole network of manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes supported this study and began to offer products that get rid of the “smell of old age”. After all, it’s not nice to be recognized by your scent as a decrepit old man or an old woman…

This study caused a lot of heated debate on the Web. Some thought it was just a marketing ploy by perfume companies (to get more money out of the elderly), others insisted that yes, there is a smell, but it is absolutely not disgusting.

Personally, I remember the smell of my grandmother or grandfather: they smelled like ordinary middle-aged people. It was nothing special. Moreover, they followed their hygiene much more carefully than many middle-aged people I know who rarely wash.

But it smells really bad on unwashed, energetic and not old people. Everyone has probably experienced this. Older people do smell, but not repulsively. It is a faint smell, similar to the smell of buckwheat, dried cereal. And it smells a little bit like beer-also very faint, but real beer has a bread smell, a smell of hops and malt.

In fact, the smell of an old person is almost subtle and pure. It is like the smell of a yellow leaf about to fall from a tree. Do you remember the smell of a leaf falling?

Personally, I think there is so much talk about the smell of old age for this reason:

Old people have a very weakened sense of smell. And they may not be able to smell themselves.

Old people very often wear the same clothes that they have worn for many, many years, they put mothballs in the closet, they bathe less often, because they have become weak and have no strength to take a bath. And the elderly get sick more often, so they can emit the smell of sickness. But it is not the “smell of old age”.

It is the smell of loneliness and powerlessness. He points out that there is no one to take care of the old man, and he himself is weak…

An elderly person who is pure in body and soul smells of peace and quiet. It is a soothing smell. That’s why there is no nasty “smell of old age”. There is the smell of sickness, weakness, loneliness in poor old people. And there is no need to fear that we will smell of aging – this myth has already been debunked.

The smell of an unwashed body is much scarier. In my opinion, it is aggression toward others, if you are not old and healthy. And the smell of loneliness is scary. And the smell of death, which I told you about before. And the smell of stress, which I’ll tell you more about.

And old people smell faint, barely perceptible, a good smell – if they are taken care of and if they are healthy. Old men smell of longevity and silence, of wisdom and peace. And the hope of future life…

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