3 main rules of sincere congratulations

3 main rules of sincere congratulations

Hello, friends. Today I want to share a topic that many people are silent about, but many are thinking about. We will talk about the sincerity of congratulations.

I notice that very often people, congratulating you on your birthday or other important holiday, say the same banal words:

  • “Happy Birthday!”;
  • “Happy special day!”;
  • “Happy big day!”;
  • “I wish you a fun time and a lifelong happiness!”;
  • “I wish you happiness, health, success!” and stuff like that.

What can I tell you? It’s not enough! This is no good at all! When I see and hear this, I immediately understand that the person either doesn’t care, or isn’t willing to rack their brains just a little bit and come up with something more original. Is it so hard to think for a few minutes and wish the person something really sincere and original that they need?

If you want to stand out, to be remembered for the person, to really tell him good, pleasant, important words, then here are three rules of congratulations, which I think are the most important.

1. A wish must be specific

Do not just wish “health and success”. They say it all in a row, and on the tenth person you’re just not interested in listening to it, you miss the words congratulating past your ears. And the birthday boy is offended and bored, as well as everyone else.

Instead, the namesake is better to say clear and specific details that relate specifically to him! Show that you know the person and share his experiences:

  • “I wish you success in your new job, may your salary only grow, and may your tasks only be interesting”;
  • “You have always amazed me with your determination. I wish you to always be the same and run a marathon!”;
  • “I wish you good health despite all the pandemics. May even at the age of 50 no ailments take you”;
  • “I wish you happiness after the birth of your child. I know by my own experience that the period is not easy. May there be harmony in the family”.

2. A wish should be inspirational

When people say “May you be well”, it makes no one happy. We already hope every day that in our turbulent times everything will finally be all right.

We need something more interesting, maybe funny, or better both at the same time. At the same time, it is cool to “guess” a little bit the inner desires of the person himself, which he himself dreams, but does not tell anyone. For example:

  • “I know you go to the gym. I wish you gain 100 kg and be the toughest jock on the block and make everyone around you jealous. Congratulations on your birthday!”;
  • “I hear your business is going well. I wish you to earn 3 times as much this year and that no crises take you. Happy Birthday!”;
  • “I remember that you have a new job. You have always been distinguished by your charisma and ability to get along with people. I wish you to develop this talent and become a director!”.

3. When congratulating you can not only wish, but also thank

Another way that inspires and pleases the person is if you share what good things they have done for you that you are grateful for.

Of course, this must sound sincere. Think of situations, words, or help that came from that person. Or maybe he was just an example to you?

  • “Thank you for once telling me what I should do. I am very grateful to you. I wish you continue to help people”;
  • “Thank you for your example that inspires me not to give up and work on myself”;
  • “I am very grateful to you for giving me this book once. It made a big impact on me. Here is my gift to you…”.

These are the three rules that will make your greeting inspiring, sincere and enjoyable. The person will see that you care, will hear the words, addressed to him PERSONALLY for his situation, will be happy and inspired. Moreover, he or she will be pleased that you remember the details of his or her life.

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