How to find out your life code and what can it tell you?

How to find out your life code and what can it tell you?

To know more about moral qualities, talents and abilities of a person, as well as about his destiny, such interesting science as numerology will help us. It turns out that each person has a so-called life code. How to calculate it and what it can tell us, you will learn from the article.

The life code is a source of information about a person’s personal qualities and purpose. It also contains a lot of other interesting information. It is a combination of six (sometimes seven) numbers arranged in a certain sequence. We get these numbers from the date of birth.

How to calculate the code of life?

To get the combination of numbers we need to perform simple mathematical calculations:

1. Write on a piece of paper the date you were born

Let’s say it’s February 13, 1974. So you need to write on the sheet in a row: 1 3 2 1 9 7 4.

2. Count the first digit of the code

To determine the first digit of the desired code, summarize the written digits: 1+3+2+1+9+7+4 =27. The result of addition is 27.

3. Count the second digit of the code

To calculate the second component of the code, sum the components of the first number of the code: 2+7=9. The result is 9.

4. Multiply the first number

Multiply by 2 the first number taken from the date of your birth: 1 x 2=2.

The result of multiplication subtract from the first digit in the life code: 27-2=25. The result is 25. It is the third component of the code you are looking for.

5. Now sum these numbers

Sum the members of the third part of the code: 2+5=7.

The result of addition, number 7 is the fourth digit in the life code. It can be either one-digit or two-digit. It is not necessary to add the terms of a two-digit number. Write down the resulting life code: 279257. Under it again write the numbers of your date of birth (February 13, 1974): 279257 1321974.

Count how many ones, twos, threes and other numbers are in these two combinations:

  • 1 – 2 pieces;
  • 2 – 3 pcs;
  • 3 – 1 pcs;
  • 4 – 1 pcs;
  • 5 – 1 pcs;
  • 6 – 0 pcs;
  • 7 – 3 pcs;
  • 8 – 0 pcs;
  • 9 – 2 pcs.

Evaluate the result by which numbers in your code turned out to be the most. In our case it is 2, 7, 1, 9.

How to interpret a code by its constituent digits?

Digit “1”

The digit One indicates a strong will, self-sufficiency. If the code contains 1-2 ones, it means that you always strive to achieve the goal. Three one’s indicate that you are good-natured. The presence of five of these numbers in the code is a sign of strong magnetism. Six of the units are found in the code of the careerist, seven – despot.

If this number is not in the code of life, it is a sign of a weak-willed nature and low self-esteem.

Digit “2”

This number indicates how full of life energy a person is. If it is present in the life code, he or she is active and has an optimistic outlook on life.

The more twos in your code, the higher your vitality, the more strength and energy you have. Those whose code contains 3 twos have psychic abilities. Five twos are a sign of an angry character, unbridled aggression, and inability to control oneself.

The absence of this number in the life code shows that the person lacks vitality. He draws energy from others, being in essence, the energy vampire.

Digit “3”

It speaks of intuition. The more threes in the life code, the more insightful its owner is. Four numbers 3 – you have the ability to hypnotize. Five threes are found in the code of a magician, a psychic.

Lack of threes is a sign of problems in relations with others, poorly developed logical thinking.

Digit “4”

This number corresponds to such qualities of character as practicality, patience. Two fours are a sign that you can achieve a lot in sports. Four fours are a sign of a secretive, mysterious nature.

If this number is missing in the life code, then the person has a tendency to loneliness, reclusive way of life.

Digit “5”

This number indicates a soulful and refined nature. If your life code contains 3-4 fives – you are very kind, generous, compassionate, you have the ability to preach.

The lack of fives is a sign of a callous nature, callousness, cruelty.

Digit “6”

This number is responsible for material well-being. If there are 2-3 sixes in your code, it means you are able to achieve wealth by honest and hard work. Four sixes are often found in the code of people envious, ready to achieve wealth and power to meanness.

The absence of this number in the code is evidence of a lazy nature, a passive character.

Digit “7”

Seven is a symbol of luck. If there are three sevens in your code at once – you are a lucky man, you are lucky in gambling. Even two sevens is a good sign. Fortune favors you. Four sevens is code for insolent and rude, a dabbler of fortune.

The absence of seven is an indication of too soft temper and bad luck.

Digit “8”

This number is a symbol of wealth. Even one eight in the life code indicates that you are able to achieve material well-being through your own diligence. Three figures number eight means that money comes to you without great effort; four or five eights mean that money loves you and you do not lack it.

The absence of eight dooms a person to a life of hardship and deprivation, to low-paying hard work.

Digit “9”

This number tells you whether you have analytical skills. The more nines in the code, the stronger the logical thinking of its owner.

If this number is missing in the code, it means that the person lacks tact and politeness.

A seven digit code

If your code consists of not 6 but 7 digits, it is an exceptional sign. You are destined to become famous, to find popularity and love, to achieve great success in any field.

That’s all, dear readers. As you can see, numerology is a very interesting and entertaining science. Knowing how to calculate the code of life, you can not only learn more about your friends and relatives, and even about yourself, but also learn to find a common language with others.

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