How to recognize a sneaky person? 10 signs

How to recognize a sneaky person? 10 signs

This person can turn on the charm, can say the right words and shower you with compliments. It is not immediately clear that the person in front of you is a scoundrel. You can trust this person, you can help him/her and expect the same attitude. But at the right moment he will let you down or leave you. Or can somehow deliberately set you up, deprive you of something important.

Here are signs that help you to recognize a mean person at an earlier stage. Don’t ignore them.

1. Disrespectful of other people’s time

Such a person may be constantly late without a good reason. May reason: “It’s okay, they’ll wait”. May call at non-urgent times with non-urgent questions, but because it is convenient for him/her to talk about it now.

This is an indicator that the person does not take into account the interests of others.

2. A tendency to manipulate

Such people are often very well-versed in manipulative techniques, often practicing them.

3. Petty lies

Yes, it is not always possible to “catch” such cunning people in some big lie. However, sneaky people give themselves away by lying in between. It comes easily and naturally to them.

4. Accepts help willingly, but is never available

Such a person is used to using others, burdening them with his problems. But when he is asked for something: he is always very busy, cannot and solves his own problems.

5. Talking behind one’s back

The scoundrel gossips a lot about others, sometimes it escalates into full-fledged slander. It’s not hard to guess that you will soon become such an object of discussion.

6. He/she is not familiar with the feeling of guilt

A sneaky person almost never apologizes. And from many of his actions and reasoning it is clear that the person simply does not feel guilty.

7. Such a person has a trail of “murky” stories

And you never know what is true and what is false. Either the spoons were stolen from him/her, or he/she stole them.

Digging into the history of such persons you will notice some questionable deeds, accusations from other people, abrupt breaking of contacts, etc.

8. Total avoidance of responsibility

A sneaky person is under no circumstances ready to take responsibility, he/she always slips away from it.

9. Breaks up badly with everyone

Such people leave loudly (and often with scandal) from almost all jobs, from all his exes, from friends. A scoundrel doesn’t stay anywhere in particular, few people trust him.

10. He/she speaks badly of everyone

Sneaky people criticize everyone all the time. They look for people’s vulnerabilities and gladly discuss them in the team. And often the worst things about each person are found out in advance.

As you know, as a rule, a person judges by himself. So be careful with your surroundings. Don’t just trust everyone.

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