Bernard Shaw’s brilliant phrase that helps me in difficult times

Bernard Shaw’s brilliant phrase that helps me in difficult times

During his life a person goes through a lot of difficulties, trials, gets his share of pain. We encounter failure, betrayal, disappointment, and the collapse of plans. We experience a palette of different emotions. And not always a pleasant emotions.

But it is important to keep yourself from discouragement and apathy. You can not just fold your hands and stop fighting. Bernard Shaw has a very wise phrase that I remember every time I have a difficult time, and it really helps me:

“A human is like a brick: when burned, it hardens”.

And it’s true! Every difficulty in life, every problem, every pain I go through makes me stronger and tougher. For what? To achieve more!

In the process of our lives, we get burned many, many times. Day by day we go through new trials and grow stronger. There are situations when a person consciously “gets into the furnace”. For example, he chooses a new and challenging activity. Or sets himself some significant goals, for the achievement of which he will have to act at the limit of his abilities. In this case, the person imagines the desired result. He knows where he is going and why he needs it.

A human can overcome any difficulties. The main thing: to learn how to mobilize own resources.

There are situations when a person did not plan to get burned at all, but it happened (for example, when a loved one betrays someone, or a life tragedy occurs). And here it is important to be able to take a “blow of fire”. Of course, at such moments it is difficult to maintain self-control, not to mention enjoy life and be thankful for these circumstances. But it’s important to take a mature look at what’s going on:

  • “I got to know people better now”;
  • “I found the strength to get through it”;
  • “I got through the hard part, but it will get easier from here”.

With each blow of fate we become more stronger.

And you have to go through it, because the way to a better life is almost always through pain and overcoming. That’s why successful people are “hardened” people. They know how to find the resources within themselves at the right moment, which help them find a solution to a problem and cope with it no matter what.

Do not you believe me? Here’s a simple test:

Look back on a series of events from the past? Which of the things that happened to you seemed impossible? And how do you feel about this things now? That it doesn’t look so hard!

Personally, this metaphor about the brick helps me get a grip faster. Not to feel sorry for yourself, not to lament the injustice of the world. And to treat this event as the next stage of my moral maturation.

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