How to know that he is truly love you?

How to know that he is truly love you?

The men express love differently than women. They often keep their feelings inside and try to control their words and behavior.

So how to know that he is truly love you? Here are four signs that distinguish a simple interest or desire for intimacy from a true love:

1. A man claims his rights over you

If he has decided that you are the only one, he will rush to claim his rights over you (before someone else does). First he will invite you to his home, then he will introduce you to his friends, then to his family. He will not be afraid to call you a beloved woman in public and will soon begin to call you his bride.

The way a man introduces a woman to his friends and acquaintances is a very important point. For instance:

  • If he says: “Meet my girlfriend, Megan”, then that means you are in the status of beloved, but not bride;
  • If he says: “This is Megan”, it means he thinks you’re just a girlfriend (and will probably dump you after intimacy);
  • If he says: “This is Megan and she’s my bride”, it means he’s ready to marry you.

This last sign is the most serious. It confirms that the man is truly in love with you and his intentions are serious.

2. You appear in his personal plans and discuss them together

A loving man can’t imagine himself apart from the woman he loves. That is why he is ready to discuss all his plans (weekends, vacations, buying a car, real estate, changing job etc) with the woman with whom he lives.

It is even better if all of this is discussed and planned with the woman’s wishes and interests in mind. Such joint planning for the man means a deep emotional feeling of affection.

3. He is willing to take care of the woman’s expenses

When a man true loves a woman, he does not skimp on her. Spending money, time and attention on his beloved is pleasant and easy. Of course this does not mean that a man should cover absolutely all of his woman’s expenses – this is rare before marriage. But to help financially is a must have.

If a man has really serious intentions about a woman, then he will surely think: “Can I provide her and our children with a decent life?”.

4. He is ready to protect you

And not just from physical danger. The main function of a loving man is to free his beloved from fear and negative emotions. If someone humiliates his beloved, no matter who it is (even his mother or relatives) a true man will do everything to stand up for her and protect her from adversity.

Sometimes a man must protect his woman from himself: from his anger, his indecision, his inconsistency, his irresponsibility. And if he screws up, he has to apologize.

These are the main signs of true love. Some of you will object: “What if he does all this, but I don’t feel love?”. Then my answer to you is this:

  • Either he’s not showing love to you in the way you thought. The solution: tell him directly when you feel loved and when not;
  • Or you are too demanding. The solution: lower the bar, be glad you got such a man and learn to give love to yourself.

And don’t forget the main rule:

A woman who loves herself will always be loved by a man!

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