What paths in life are better not to take?

What paths in life are better not to take?

All life is a long road, which is sometimes very winding and sometimes quite smooth. The interpretation of life depends on the individual, and undoubtedly on his environment. However, it is always up to the individual to make the decision himself, except that sometimes, it is difficult to resist society and different situations.

Still, it is impossible to completely abstract away from the world, because it is necessary to interact with it throughout life. There are exceptions, such as hermitage. In that case, a person is 100% left to his or her own self.

But, not everyone can and wants to become a hermit, because we are all used to living in the modern world. In order to find common ground with it for communication, it is necessary to adjust to situations. Going against it will not help here, only in rare cases.

Such a life has the limitation of some kind of freedom for a person, it keeps him within certain limits. Some might say it’s horrible and unfair, but is it really so?

It certainly sounds a shame that you essentially have no freedom, except that such a restriction saves lives and helps control human behavior. Not all individuals will even be able to live safely, with the full possibility of choice.

So restriction in this form is, fortunately or unfortunately, necessary for modern man. Perhaps, in some time, the human mind will reach such heights that it will know absolute freedom.

According to the norms of psychology and medicine in general, every person has the right to choose. This means that he can choose the direction in which he wants to study, work, what to wear today, how to react to this or that situation. Only in reality, it does not always turn out that way.

Regarding the moment of learning a profession, it is worth mentioning the opinion of parents. Very often it happens that a child’s desires do not meet the goals of his parents. On this ground there is a conflict of generations.

The old can no longer understand the young, and vice versa. Because of the sincere desire to give their child the best, parents go against it, justifying it with good intentions. In fact they are, but will it be good for the child? That’s a 50-50 split.

Of course, every mother will try to keep her child from making mistakes, relying on the desire to protect. At the same time, she refers to her past experiences and does not understand that her daughter/son must make her own way in life. No doubt it is necessary to advise and counsel, but you can’t make the final decision for him or her.

A child can be “protected” all his/her life, right up to the end. But such a person will grow up as if in a vacuum, and will not be able to live without parental care. Not being able to choose their own path in life makes a person unadaptable to the harsh reality.

At the time of real choice, everyone has doubts and questions. Some path seems more difficult, some easier, and the third generally pulls us into the unknown. Each of them leads to a certain result, which has neither a bad coloring nor a good one.

So what should we do with the choice of life path? I like a very wise phrase on this subject:

“There are roads you’d rather not take. But without taking them, you don’t learn how to choose the right ones”.

There are no only good roads. All of life’s roads are treacherous in their own way. You can’t always choose the good and the easy, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Likewise, there is no such thing as a mistake or a wrong choice, only your attitude toward the situation. You can and should look at such a “mistake” from the other side, namely from the side of gaining experience and gaining the ability to choose the right and best roads along the way.

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