The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

Unfortunately, many of us know very well what it is like when money stubbornly bypasses us. And it seems that we work hard, we are not lazy, and we have a good education, and a bright head, but money is still scarce in the wallet.

Some scientists believe that this is due to the initiation digit, which not only determines the purpose of our incarnation on Earth, but also endows us with certain abilities. In modern parlance, it is a certain basic set of a person’s attitudes, which determine the nature of his interaction with the energy of money.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s initiation digit leads to wealth. Some numbers, by default, attract money flows, while others repel them. But whatever vibrations the initiation digit may have, it is the number that can tell you what to do, how to use your natural abilities, and where to direct your energy to redirect the money flows.

To begin with, it should be determined by adding up all the digits of the date of birth, but in sequence: month, day, year. I will take for example an arbitrary date of 02/05/1972.

This is what we get:


Then the result must be reduced to a single-digit number, we get:


This is the initiation digit, which determines the interaction with the energy of wealth.

And so you need to count with all the dates and numbers, except for the numbers 11, 22 and 33. If the result is so, they are not reduced to single digits, but remain in this form.

Now, let’s see what each of the numbers says. How this information will help us find the reason, what prevents us from attracting the energy of money in our lives, and what we need to do to turn a stunted financial stream into a stormy river.

Digit “1”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

This initiation digit implies a powerful creativity, healthy ambition, pronounced leadership qualities, an active life position and the ability to take any difficulties with humor.

However, if you are content with second roles, if you aspire to nothing, and you think that it is much safer to follow someone’s orders than to take responsibility, plus you can not keep your word, and laziness, boastfulness and gloominess are your second self, then you will not become rich.

But at the same time, the one requires absolute order in the financial affairs, clear planning of expenses and only reasonable risk. The main rule of the digit one – full planning of everything. No momentary impulses, rash spending and splurging. For unit it is very important to learn to save wisely. The key word is “wisely”!

This is the only way to attract a powerful financial flow in your life. And the best talisman for carriers of this dedication number is a coin of 1 dollar or euro. Make one for yourself and try to always have it in front of you. For example, by putting a screensaver with a coin on the phone screen.

But bills, denominations of 100 and 1000 dollars and euros are better not to keep, if suddenly you put aside for some purchase or received as a gift. They inhibit financial luck, so it is better to change them.

Digit “2”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

For people born with this initiation digit, the greatest harm comes from loneliness.

Two is a symbol of partnership, cooperation, and collaboration. Her motto is: “One is not a warrior in the field”. She does not tolerate misanthropes, shunned people, enjoying the lack of affection. They will never help turn the flow of money in the right direction to those who are not capable of kindness and mercy, who can not build relationships and love.

Only unselfish help, compassion and trust attract prosperity to such people. Often, it is by creating a family, they gain financial independence.

If your initiation digit is “2”, then you should stay away from any lotteries and gambling. It is also important to learn how to save money. And here there are a lot of options: deposits, stocks, investments. It is not important, the main thing is to have this untouchable reserve and to increase it gradually. It is he who will become the magnet that will attract the flow of money. Learn to save and you will be very surprised how quickly your financial situation will change.

Digit “3”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

The initiation digit “3” is definitely the number of lucky people! Maybe that is why people born with such a number of dedications are so similar to each other with their incredible solar energy, the ability to rejoice and radiate happiness. They are not stingy with a kind word and are always ready to help. This is exactly what the trio requires of them. The only disadvantage of such people is that they do not always listen to the voice of their intuition.

And if you do not find these qualities in yourself, you lack determination, optimism, and jealousy and intolerance seizes much more often than responsiveness, it is time to start fixing the situation. Otherwise, you will never see big money in your life.

But even with all the favorability of this initiation digit, it also has enemies. These are laziness and inaction. People with the this initiation digit must not go with the flow. Only activity and fidelity to the goals set. Not without reason, and the mascot for the three is the color red. It is the most powerful in its energy.

Digit “4”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

If your date of birth gives the initiation digit “4”, then you are definitely lucky. As experience shows, such people literally have money sticking to their hands!

But I must disappoint you: they also leave quickly. The vibrations of this initiation number are extremely sensitive, and they can be easily ruined if you go the way of arrogance, unscrupulousness, and greed.

The number 4 expects practicality, but not greed, it is more to the liking of indulgence, not selfishness, generosity, not contempt. Avoid becoming a source of negative emotions, the cause of someone’s tears, and that is the only way for the subtle settings not to be confused. Otherwise, even the “almighty four” will not protect you from crises and financial losses.

And in order to multiply your well-being, try to have four deposits of 4000 or 40000 thousand each. Do not be afraid of talismans either. Moreover, they are one of the most accessible. This is any ring, and of what metal (it is better to be guided by your zodiac sign).

Digit “5”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

All that is associated with this number are activity and independence. The number “5” is extremely favorable in its vibration for attraction of financial well-being. But it requires a consciousness of actions, confidence in actions, and the ability to make decisions. And it absolutely does not tolerate monotony and routine.

This number attracts money only to those people who are not afraid of new things: seeking new knowledge, accomplishments, impressions. Those people whose life is booming, energizing all around. Who dreams to embrace the immensity, but it clearly knows how to do it in the best way. And the digit “5” always provides such a person with the means to implement the numerous ideas and plans.

But it also has a weak spot. And these are pernicious habits. Often such passionate and energetic people, do not know how to stop in time and give themselves a break, fully using up their energy resources. Then they become hostages of all kinds of doping. I think you will agree with me that in such situations money doesn’t make sense any more.

And to keep the “patronage of the five”, you need to learn how to properly prioritize, dose the load, not to get bogged down in unnecessary matters and do not spare time for rest. And a one talisman will help in this: a coin of 5 eurocents, crowns, pennies. Any kind. It doesn’t matter. But only on one condition: you must not show it to anyone. Only in this way, it will gain power to protect your well-being and health.

Digit “6”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

The six is a symbol of harmony, humanity, and justice. But, alas, not money. And to attract the financial flow in your life, you must forget about selfishness, callousness, and personal ambition.

The ability to forgive, to accept people as they are, not to stoop to gossip and condemnation – that is what this initiation digit is waiting for. Not without reason, only those people with this number succeed, who choose the path of enlightenment, devote their lives to serving people, generously share their knowledge and experience, and fill the lives of others with meaning, harmony, and spirituality. But money never comes to those who are filled with arrogance, are not attracted to their own callousness, and easily walk on their heads, betraying their loved ones and friends.

The initiation digit “6” is a high spiritual number. And in order to weave a harmonious financial flow into it, you must learn to count money, know clearly how much is spent on groceries, how much money is on cards and in your wallet, keep account books and write down even the tiniest expenses. You will be surprised, but it is this state of affairs that becomes a signal to the Universe for the flow of money to be directed specifically to you.

And stability will be provided by a deposit or deferred amount of 6,000, which any blue talisman will help you to keep and increase. The main thing is that you should always have it with you. So, the choice is yours.

Digit “7”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

The properties of this number are very close in spirit and requirements to the already mentioned digit “6”. The same spirituality, the same values, the same road, on which there is no place for base impulses and passions.

With the only difference that the number of initiation gives outstanding intuition and rare mental abilities, endowing their chosen ones the ability to read people’s souls. And if there is a temptation to turn the higher knowledge into a means of enrichment, to stoop to manipulation and uncleanness in the ability to control the minds of people around, then don’t expect money to come into your life.

In addition, this number of dedication belongs to loners who know how to carefully choose their environment. And to attract financial flows to you, do not allow random people in your life, listening to the voice of intuition.

If your initiation digit is “7”, then avoid gambling, because any (even the smallest) loosed money can shut off the financial tap forever. As well as debts. Such people are contraindicated to debts, both their own and other people’s. When you borrow money, you are giving away a great deal of your monetary energy, which will be very difficult to replenish later. Keep that in mind. Otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life making ends meet.

Another insidiousness of this number is that you must not save and keep in your wallet round sums starting with seven, plan to sign important financial documents with numbers 7, 17, and 27. And the month of July in general to make a month of rest for all financial transactions, investments and large purchases. Only in this way you can protect yourself from large losses.

In principle, the number “7” is one of the most insidious numbers in numerology of money. It pushes its owner on a path of temptations, tucking in one or another very attractive-looking situation, which in the end turn out to be a complete failure.

Digit “8”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

This is one of the strongest initiation digits, which guarantees success in all endeavors. But it also requires a lot from its owner. It is an endless work, work on oneself, the ability to maintain a perfect balance between “doing for oneself” and “doing for others”. Not everyone can find this golden mean.

People with this initiation number are endowed with incredible heart and responsiveness, sometimes too wasteful of all their resources. Therefore, without common sense here can not do. This is the main condition of this number in numerology. There should be a measure for everything.

At the same time, this number likes scale, “boiling” activity and always increases the fortune of those who are not afraid to take risks, to start their own business, thereby working for themselves, but providing work for others. And, as you have already guessed, deposits and savings should be made for amounts of 800, 8000, etc., so that they would multiply faster.

Digit “9”

The initiation digit. Or why money flows to someone like a river, but bypasses others

With such a initiation digit we can speak of outstanding intellect, incredible talents, spiritual generosity, and fine organization, but not of money. Often, the life of such people resembles a roller coaster: today everything is great, tomorrow everything is terrible. And if suddenly terrible happens more often, it gives rise to insecurity, stinginess and even bitterness.

But it is the ability to follow the call of the heart, staying true to their ideals, giving themselves to people, doing charity, showing compassion, being able to listen and hear, sensitive to other people’s troubles and makes people born under this number, financially independent. And the more they begin to give, the more will come back to them.

The number “9” is both a reward and a curse. This initiation number will constantly test you on your strength, so do not lose your temper and do not fall into despondency if you are faced with a series of failures. The main thing to remember: everything depends only on you.

And, of course, it is better to have a talisman, which can be, for example, a pyramid or any symmetrical object. It will give strength and confidence. And the amount of 9, 90, 900, etc. spent on charity will return a hundredfold.

Digits “11”, “22”, “33”

These are the same three numbers that do not collapse to single digits. And all numerologists will tell you: if you roll such a number, you are very lucky, you will become rich very easily. So we can say that digits 11, 22 and 33 are the “money elite” in numerology.

However, even in this case, in order to achieve financial success, it is necessary to make efforts. It will come to you only in case if you (skillfully combining experience and knowledge, high spirituality and aspiration for justice) will become not just a rich man, but a leader. If you inspire others, help them find their way in life, get rid of addictions and strive for self-improvement.

As for talismans:

  • For 11 the strongest talisman is apples;
  • For 22 – is any image of the sun;
  • For 33 – is a golden key.

They will help not only to attract financial flows, but also to keep them in your life.

It is also important to remember that there are rules for the elite numbers in the universe as well. These initiation digits do not tolerate indifference, detachment, bluster, and arrogance. Otherwise, no amount of power will keep monetary energy close to them.

Again, it is up to us to make our initiation digit an ally. The more you know about yourself and work with your weaknesses, fears, and negative attitudes, the more chance you have of ceasing to be the one whom money diligently avoids.

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