10 Buddha lessons needed to know

10 Buddha lessons needed to know

Shakyamuni Buddha was a great spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism. In most Buddhist traditions he is considered the Supreme Buddha or the Fully Perfect Buddha. The word “Buddha” translates as “awakened” or “enlightened”.

It is the central figure in Buddhism. The Buddha belonged to those figures known to human history in whom humanity reaches its highest development. His noble character, penetrating mind, love of humankind, and wisdom made him an object of worship for millions.

He was a philosopher, a healer of souls, and the founder of a new religion. His disciples and followers came from all walks of life, from beggars to kings. The religion he founded spread from China and India to America. It has enriched the spiritual lives of millions for more than twenty-five centuries!

The Buddha’s teachings were so tolerant and gentle that conversion to Buddhism was not accompanied by persecution or bloodshed. The accounts of his life, teachings and monastic principles were systematized and perpetuated by his followers after his death.

So, here are 10 Buddha lessons needed to know if you want to live a happy life.

1. It’s okay to start small

The Buddha said that the jug is filled gradually, drop by drop. You cannot become the best at what you do all at once, you have to keep learning; every craftsman was once an amateur.

We all start small, so don’t neglect the small. If you are consistent and patient, you are sure to succeed! No one can succeed in just one night or one week – success comes to those who are willing to start small and work hard until the jug is full.

2. We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think about

Everything we are is the result of what we think about ourselves. If one speaks or acts with bad thoughts, one is haunted by pain. If one speaks or acts with pure intentions, however, happiness follows, which, like a shadow, will never leave him.

Buddha said:

“Our consciousness is the most important thing. Consciousness is what determines our path. Because you always become what you think about”.

To live right you need to fill your brain with the “right” thoughts. Your thinking determines your actions; your actions determine your results.

Right thinking will give you everything you want; wrong thinking is evil, which will eventually destroy you.

If you change your mind, you will change your life. The Buddha said:

“All transgressions arise from the mind. If the mind changes, will the transgressions remain?”

3. Forgive the grudges

When you forgive those against whom you are offended, when you forgive those imprisoned in unforgiveness, you release yourself from that prison.

Humans cannot suppress other humans without suppressing themselves as well. By holding a grudge against others you are destroying yourself. So learn to forgive. And learn to do it quickly.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, just follow the following formula:

Understand => Put it through => And let it go.

4. Your actions are more important than your words

No matter how many commandments you read, no matter how much you talk about them, it will all be useless if you don’t follow them.

There is a saying that “words are worthless” and it is true. To develop, you must act, and to develop quickly, you must act every day. The glory will not fall on your head! The other wise proverb says: “God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest”.

The Buddha said:

“I don’t believe in the fate that comes down on people when they act, but I do believe in the fate that comes down on them when they do nothing”.

5. Try to understand world as it is. To understand everything is to forgive everything

Life is what it is. The world doesn’t owe you anything. It is useless to change the world around us alone. Worse, arguing with the present, we feel anger, and we stop fighting for the truth, we start fighting only for ourselves.

The Buddha said:

“First try to understand others and then try to be understood”.

It sounds beautiful, easy to say, but how hard it is to do!

You have to do your best to understand the other person’s point of view. When you feel anger, fight that anger. Listen to others, try to understand their point of view, and you will find inner peace and wisdom. Focus more on becoming a better person, becoming happier, rather than being right.

6. Man’s greatest enemy in life is himself

Buddha said:

“It is better to defeat oneself than to win a thousand battles. The person who defeats himself is stronger than any overlord”.

Why is this so? Because our thoughts are usually more harmful to us than the actions of others. Our faulty deductions drive us into an even greater abyss. This is why it is important to have a clear and critical mind.

In order to beat ourselves, we must learn to control our minds, our thoughts. They must not rage like the waves of the sea.

Many of us think we can’t control our thoughts. This is not true. The Buddha said:

“You can’t stop a bird from flying over you, but you can certainly stop it from nesting on your head”.

So chase away thoughts if they don’t fit the life principles you want to live by.

7. Live in harmony

One of my favorite lessons of the Buddha goes like this:

“Our heart is like a garden. It contains both noble plants and weeds. Courage or fear, resentment or love, activity or laziness can grow in this garden. It all depends on what seeds you sow in it”.

It is impossible to become a successful and happy person without harmony inside. And harmony must come only from within. Don’t look for it on the outside. Don’t look outside for something that can only be in your heart. The truth is that harmony can only be found only within yourself.

Life harmony is not a new job, a new car, or a new marriage… Life harmony is the balance of our personality, and this thing is so powerful that with it we can do the impossible, move mountains.

8. Be grateful

A key mistake of most people on Earth is not appreciating what they have.

There is no need to judge the success of life by money alone. You do not have much money, but you have a beautiful appearance. You don’t have good appearance, but you have a wonderful family and children. You don’t have a family and children, but you have good health. You are have poor health, but you are still alive, and your neighbor is no more.

Everyone has something to thank the Universe for. So don’t be angry at fate. You should be grateful for what you have and enjoy it every day.

Wake up with this thought every day, with every sunrise. There is so much beautiful around you! There is always something worth thanking God and the Universe for, just understand it and give thanks. A grateful heart will make you great!

9. Be faithful to what you know

Every person on Earth has his or her own experience. And so often it happens that we level our own experience by following others.

If you don’t follow your gut, your experience, your knowledge, you are likely to fail in life. This will happen not because you didn’t know how to act, but because you ignored the signs your mind was giving you.

Here’s why: assimilating information is good, but it’s also better to have your own thoughts and think with your own head.

10. Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have

It depends solely on what you think about it all.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between “Like” and “Love”? Buddha had an opinion on this:

“When you like a flower, you pick it and take it home. But if you love a flower, you won’t pick it, but you will tend it and water it every day.”

Do you feel the difference? If you understand and realize this, you will better understand the laws of happiness in life.

Everyone on Earth wants to be happy. And life provides those opportunities, but everyone’s path is different. All you have to do is to know yourself and choose the right path.

As a conclusion

At the heart of the Buddha’s teachings is the assertion that the root cause of all our troubles, failures and suffering is our ignorance or unknowledge. I hope that these wise sayings will make your life a little bit better, make you think about your thoughts and actions, and help you to look at the world from a different angle.

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