Main life stressors or 7 reasons why you feel tired all the time

Main life stressors or 7 reasons why you feel tired all the time

Modern life is full of stresses. It can be a disagreement in the family, inadequate boss, lack of money and even traffic jams… We have to get used to most of them one way or another, because all these moments are an integral part of our lives.

We all live under stress. Some more, some less. But sometimes it happens that stress becomes unbearable. We begin to get more tired than before, we eat more, sleep longer, return to bad habits, and give up on a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, stress only increases over time. And drinking alcohol, taking pills and even going to the doctor often do not solve the problem.

What to do in such a situation? First, it is important to realize the chronic nature of the problem, because such stress will not go away by itself. The second thing that is important to understand: identify the type of stressor and think about how to get rid of it.

What are these life stressors? There are seven in total. And we will tell you about them below.

1. Constant lack of sleep

This is the most common, but far from easily solved problem.

Of course, sometimes it’s a matter of better sleep hygiene. Try to choose the same time to fall asleep, air the bedroom, add a mantra or meditation for moral relaxation. Sometimes you may need the help of a doctor who will prescribe a sedative or special medication.

2. Unsuitable Work

This life stressor is already more difficult to identify. Because sometimes we think that our work is the best in the world, but our body thinks otherwise.

Here is a real example from life: Once upon a time there was a school psychologist (at first glance not difficult work). And this psychologist worked part-time, communicating only with children, solving their problems (which is also easier than with adults). She worked in a quiet, quiet office, had extra vacation time (because of the short school year), paid insurance and days off.

Everything seemed to be perfect in this person’s life. However, it wasn’t! As it turned out, the work for this woman was extremely stressful, up to and including emotional burnout. After some time, they managed to figure out the causes of the problem: to maintain good relations with children, teachers and parents, the woman had to constantly smile. However, she was not like that in her usual life, so this image drained her psyche.

This example illustrates well that the complexity of work does not correlate with its effect on our body. If you don’t like or hate what you do, change your job. The human is so built that he can’t pretend forever – it drains him psychologically.

Main life stressors or 7 reasons why you feel tired all the time

Of course, if you have your own business, the advice to change job will not work for you. What can you do in such a situation to beat the stressor of life? Delegate your responsibilities! Leave only those that you do not cause irritation.

3. Absence of hobbies

Of course, there is a category of people who do not need hobbies at all, because these people are so passionate about their work, their business, that this is their main and only hobby.

But let’s be honest: the percentage of such people in society is small. For most people, work is just a source of income, and self-realization occurs in completely different activities.

The lack of hobbies in a person leads to a natural result – the boredom. If you are bored, your emotional state is likely to suffer, especially if you try to suppress it with alcohol, compulsive overeating, or any other kind of addiction. Try to find your own source of energy to help you forget about boredom. Here a few examples: listening to music, reading, playing sports or video games, hanging out with friends, volunteering etc.

4. Constant quarrels with your girlfriend / boyfriend

Why do people quarrel? Because they are not satisfied with certain words/actions/deeds of a loved one.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this life stressor by learning to move an argument out of the scolding and acute conflict phase and into a concrete discussion of the disagreement.

If you feel that your partner is demanding too many emotional or material resources from you, try talking to him or her. Routine dialogue can pave the way to a solution, reducing stress and fatigue. What would you like to change about your partner (one thing)? And is there anything he wants to modify in return?

Main life stressors or 7 reasons why you feel tired all the time

5. Disobedient children

Raising children is a very difficult and sometimes exhausting process. In order to prevent or get rid of emotional burnout, use the following tips. Try to keep your requests brief, and in the face of defiance, don’t argue, but express frustration, such as: “I know you can do better.” By making this behavior the default tactic, you can reduce stress and, consequently, fatigue.

6. Shortage of money

This is one of the most difficult stressors. It can be overcome only by accustoming yourself to financial discipline and its main rule: “spend less than you earn”.

Of course, if the difference between the debit and the credit has become like a chasm, then it is too late to think how to spend less – you have to look for an urgent solution, otherwise this stress will squeeze “all the juice” out of you.

Fortunately, money (as opposed to health, time) is a replenishable resource. You only need to decide on a tactic of action: if you have large debts on loans, you need to go to the bank for a credit vacation or refinancing, if income fell at work – find a new job or get additional education.

7. Clinical Depression

This is the most difficult type of life stressor. As a rule, it is caused by a long-term illness or serious psychological shock (for example, the death of a loved one).

Clinical depression almost always leads to fatigue and irritability. Fortunately, it can also be treated: there are special exercises, courses of cognitive-behavioral therapy or medications, all of which can help to cope with this condition. Just make sure to discuss therapy with a competent psychologist.

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