How to distinguish a useful person from a useless one?

How to distinguish a useful person from a useless one?

In any relationship it is important to know if it has prospects. Women test men in their own way, men in their own way. Relationships are not just between men and women. They can be purely working or friendly. When men work together or have some things in common, it’s also a relationship. You always have to know who you’re dealing with.

A lot of people are interested in question: How to distinguish a useful person from a useless one? I will share with you my own experience.

Once I came to apply for a job in a fairly large private company. I had known the owner (he was also the boss) for a long time, but I was not interested in the affairs of his company. But such were the circumstances in my life that I needed a job, so I called him. He invited me to a meeting, but warned me that I would be applying for a job on a general basis. And I said yes.

I must say that this firm paid people well, but not everyone was happy with the work schedule. It just wasn’t there. Many people worked remotely all over the country: some during the day, some at night. Saturdays were officially a working day, just a shortened one. But if you complete a plan, you could rest for three days in a row.

So I came to apply for a job. The director met me, we got coffee, and he asked me a question:

– “You have one of three things: time, money, connections. You need to solve a problem. What will you take from what is offered?”

I answered that I may not have enough money or connections and are better not to spend on small things, and that time is always important.

Then came the next question:

– “How did you choose your wife?”

I answered honestly:

– “The passion clouded my mind and I got her”.

Next question:

– “Can you read blueprints?”

The answer is that I can, but not all. My first specialty was a turner, so I know how to read metalwork.

– “Are you a loner or a team player?”

– “I prefer to work in a team”.

– “What is better: to do the work quickly or long, but qualitatively?”

– “The second way is better”.

– “If your boss is absent, but you need to solve a task urgently, what will you do?”

– “I will solve task as best I can and report it to the boss”.

That’s how the interview went. And I was hired with a probationary period. Then I rose up by the career ladder to deputy chief. After two years, I quit, because the pace of work was crazy (I was already 40, and in company worked mostly young people).

When I was already a deputy chief, I asked the boss what the point of the questions he was asking me was. He answered as follows:

– “I have a favorite Tibetan aphorism that helps me understand people. It sounds like this: The wise listens first, and then decides. The foolish do first, then ponder”.

Then he tells me:

– “You didn’t interrupt me once during the interview, you didn’t give answers right away, you were not confused by my questions, you answered honestly. That’s why I decided you were worthy of working for us”.

So what is the meaning of this Tibetan wisdom? In short:

A good worker is not someone who knows how, who makes right, or has the right skills. A good worker is one who knows how to listen, who is honest with you and himself, and can take resposibility for decisions.

I have since also begun to evaluate people. I look at who does what, who is secretive and who is sincere. I look at how a person listens to what he is told, how quickly a person learns and whether he has any desire to learn at all. There are some people who take a long time to learn their specialty, but they do their job reliably. And there are those who grasp everything quickly, but are subject to performance / laziness cycles. There are those who grasp quickly, then work to the first difficulty and run away from solving it.

It’s the same in relationships. There are people who go into a relationship for a long time and appreciate it. There are those who get fired up, get their own, and run away. There are those who are quick to jump in and pull like a steam engine.

The best way to test a person is to work with him. Everything becomes clear in the activity and the communication. This is the best way to know if a person is useful to you or not.

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