How should energy be channeled to make any endeavor successful?

How should energy be channeled to make any endeavor successful?

In a world where every human energy pulse is multiplied, it is very easy to develop. Almost anything is possible here that corresponds to the basic Laws of the Universe. However, one should not relax at all and hope that any result will somehow come out by itself. For there are some peculiarities, which may lead to various side effects.

The first thing that every person who has decided to start some business, to implement some idea should realize is the fact that it is necessary to feel like a “master of the situation”.

The feeling of a beggar, the state of doubt, accompanied by a desire to try, to take risks, the habit of justifying all your actions, even to yourself, all these phenomena are bound to lead to difficulties, if not to disappointment. Especially if the new endeavor was born out of a desire to get rid of something old. In this case, the realization of intentions will only be the beginning of new problems.

The second important rule of channeling energy is to understand that everything in the Universe can be multiplied. And one must consciously think and feel only that which can bring benefit.

Modern man very often has a habit of making excuses. This is due to an insufficiently vivid perception of oneself as a full owner of one’s life. For example, when asked: “What will I drink now, tea or coffee?” it’s followed by an explanation: “Of course tea and coffee are bad, or I know that tea is healthier, but I am so sleepy that I need to drink coffee”. Then this is very often a manifestation of the habit of making excuses. But if, in the example described, it’s just an unnecessary waste of energy, then when it comes to new endeavors, it becomes a serious distortion of space.

For example, a move to a new city is conceived. When one creates the energetic impulse to move, one should open up to new opportunities, to a new round of development in absolute confidence. But most often one hears something like this: “Since I can’t do well here, maybe it will be better there. And we don’t have this or that in our city, but it’s there, or it’s more convenient to get it there. It’s hard for me to change something here, maybe it will be easier in a new place”. And everything that person talks about will also go to implementation.

It all works great. Just keep in mind: it’s not the words that multiply, it’s the energy.

And in the latter case it is the energy of dissatisfaction, doubt, recognition of one’s weakness here. And in the new place there will be even more of this.

After moving, very often a person has to deal with the consequences of all the distortions that he or she has “conjured up” for themselves by such explanations. And to do this they have to mobilize all of their resources. The desire to prove to oneself that they were right or the fear to show weakness in front of other people help many. This gives additional motivation, allows us to “gather our strength”. But this would not be necessary if such an important endeavor as moving in were consciously filled with only those energies that contribute to success.

Every new thing must be only a movement forward, a willingness to expand into new possibilities. That is, it is energy that moves forward with confidence. If it is an attempt just to “run away” from something, from problems, from poverty, from loneliness, from fear, the result will always be wrong. Even if a person is very strong and always able to reach the goal, when he achieves the result, he will be disappointed.

For guaranteed success, it is important to always feel like a true master of the situation. And in this state, firmly and clearly state your true intentions, absolutely free from any desire to explain why it is necessary, or to justify why it is necessary. Only a holistic, fulfilling movement forward.

It is very important to take the right approach to planning. Thinking through the steps, analyzing the situation should be absolutely free of evaluations and judgments. Just dry processing of information.

And it is very important to accumulate energy correctly. No matter how powerful a person might be, the energy impulse can only be realized if it has a certain integrity.

Idle talk, the desire to share one’s ideas leads to the loss of energy: it flows away as if from a “hole in the bucket”. Only the results can be shared and talked about, the plans should be shared only with those people who are somehow involved in the process of realization. Or those people who can be so sincerely happy about the idea that their joy will add energy to the energetic momentum of the endeavor. In all other cases, excessive chatter can cause a negative result. And it is not a matter of any negative influence, but a simple “drain” of energy.

Likewise, for your intention to be realized, it is important that it be your true desire, just your desire, not someone else’s beliefs that you have accepted as your own.

For example, everyone wants to get rich or make a million dollars. But if a person does not have a willingness to “expand by a million”, which is what happens with true desire, then such an intention will never come true. But when the desire is one’s own, real, sincere, then the space will open up in the appropriate capacity, and the necessary ideas and opportunities will appear as if by themselves.

Anything is possible in this world. It is important to know exactly how to act. I wish you all an easy and harmonious way to reach new levels of success.

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