Why is it sometimes better to be silent about a newborn than to talk about it?

Why is it sometimes better to be silent about a newborn than to talk about it?

Modern people differ from their ancestors both in their education and their level of mastery of various technologies. A man of the 21st century considers himself more progressive and active. Nevertheless, certain superstitions and fears have survived to this day. Some of them are absolutely absurd.

But people continue to believe in them. They avoid black cats, are afraid to spill salt, knock on trees or spit over their left shoulder, and avoid women with empty buckets. But especially today’s young people are worried about pregnancy and birth of a baby.

Today many future parents try to hide the fact that they are expecting a child until the last moment. And the born baby is not even shown to relatives until a year old. But then Instagram is filled with dozens of photos of the little heir.

The arrival of a child in the family is a beautiful and joyful event. In the past, young parents did not invite strangers home so as not to show the baby unnecessarily. In their minds, superstition bordered on religion. They tried to christen the baby as quickly as possible, and after the street, they were sure to wash the baby with holy water. But some especially suspicious mothers avoided people so long as they did not see the baby. Young parents were very afraid of the evil eye.

Modern people continue to follow some rules for hiding their treasure. Only relatives and close friends are invited to the hospital to discharge the baby, and afterwards they wash the baby with holy water. But moms are always eager to share their joy. On social networks, they post photos with the stroller or the baby’s arm, leg. And the fact that women cover their newborn’s face with a smiley face is laughed at by many users of social networks. There are even humorous pictures created on this topic.

Is it worth protecting your baby in this way? And is excessive caution useful? Of course, it is better not to believe in superstitions and omens, but everything should be done wisely. You can learn about the right thing to do when communicating with strangers in church.

We asked the priest: “Is it better to be silent about a newborn than to talk about it?”. And his answer is “Yes”. Although with some reservations.

Priests recommend for moms and dads remain silent and not discuss the birth of their baby with unrelated people, as well as how it is growing. Sometimes it is better to be silent with relatives (some people close to you can be jealous and wish you harm). They do it unintentionally, it is just the nature of human.

Let’s imagine a situation. Two girls have been friends since high school. One has already met her boyfriend, got married, and is expecting a baby. The other one continues to go out to clubs, have fun with her friends, but she is still jealous of her friend. After all, she is not yet lucky enough to find her love. Therefore, all the news of his classmate she takes painfully. And the problems in her family unwittingly rejoice. When a school girlfriend has a child, such an envious girl will be more jealous than encouraging. She will look for moments in your conversation where you have a hard time (e.g., the baby doesn’t sleep at night) and emphasize them.

That’s why the church recommends discussing the birth of a baby only with people you trust completely. Even if you are specifically asked about it, be on the defensive: give the information in small doses. We do not think at times like these how the information we give you can affect the rest of our life. And people are different. Don’t make enemies for your baby as soon as he or she is born.

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