A woman doesn’t like to wear makeup: what does that say about her?

A woman doesn’t like to wear makeup: what does that say about her?

It’s actually a very interesting topic. I have seen different women, and they have always had different reasons to wear makeup. Some have a big desire to wear makeup, and some have been able to live without it at all. I’m sure that a woman’s reluctance to wear makeup can tell you a lot about her. But what exactly is it?

I will dispel the myth that insecure women wear makeup. Yes, many of them are insecure, and you can see that very often. But I want to say that there are women who are shy, insecure, and yet do not wear makeup. I mean, not everyone tries to use cosmetics to look different.

If a woman doesn’t want to put on makeup, it’s usually the most honest person possible. Have you ever noticed that? After all, makeup is like a mask. And don’t let women argue, there are plenty of before and after pictures of women wearing makeup on the Internet. It’s a natural mask. It’s just psychologically easier to lie with that stuff on your face.

And when there is nothing on the face, a person behaves as honestly as possible. At least, I remember all the women I know, and the most honest ones are the ones who doesn’t like to wear makeup.

Another interesting thing is that such women do not understand and do not use expensive things to stand out. They don’t try to walk around with the coolest phone or wear expensive dresses or diamonds. Such women tend to be simple. But, as for me, it is even good. After all, this once again shows the sincerity of this lady.

Let me not offend women now, but often the lack of makeup also correlates with intelligence. Not always, I’ll clarify that. But the way I see it. Often if she doesn’t use cosmetics, she’s smart enough. That is, she can argue her opinion, not just say “because” and do what you want with it. Often that’s the kind of person with whom a normal dialogue is built. But maybe that’s just my personal experience.

Also, if a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup, it means she is more serious about starting a family. After all, if she is not trying to attract the attention of men by any means (which is what cosmetics do). It means she is not in a hurry to get married, she is not obsessed with attracting men. Therefore, we can conclude that if someone is going to create a relationship with her, it will be done sincerely, not because of her appearance.

I think you yourself understand that a lot of relationships have been built because of the cosmetics. I am not going to judge the quality of such relations. I just say that a woman who does not use makeup has fewer relationships, and they tend to be stronger.

I do not agree with the statement of Coco Chanel: “The woman who does not use makeup, have too high opinion of themselves”. I see it differently: “If a woman doesn’t wear makeup, it means she’s really happy with herself”.

When a woman is loved and self-sufficient she does not need to prove anything to anyone. Of course, there is society and its conventions (for example, going out in high society), when women have to make up and dress up, simply because she is judged by her appearance. But in ordinary life and family, such women simply do not need makeup. They are beautiful without cosmetics.

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