3 banally simple rules that change destiny for the better

3 banally simple rules that change destiny for the better

What kind of wishes do people usually have? Everyone wants good health, warm and happy relationships, and money in the wallet.

And to restore order not only in these three areas, but also in all life, you can follow three simple rules, which even the lazy person can master.

These rules are banal, they are so simple that they seem unbelievable. Some readers will say as Stanislavsky: “If it were all something to do with overcoming, with a lot of effort, hard to achieve, it would be worth trying. But as it banal… No, I don’t believe it”. But there is another saying: “Everything ingenious is simple”. And yet I will share these secrets with you, because I have tested them on myself, and they really help me.

So, if you want to change your destiny for the better, the first thing to start with is to get your day in order.

1. Start getting up at the same time

And you need to stick to this schedule day after day, month after month, year after year. So your body gets used to the right rhythm, and your brain begins to synchronize with the rhythm of the Universe.

Have you ever wondered why rural residents tend to be healthier than urban residents? In the villages, people get up at the call of the rooster. Or people wake up with the first rays of the sun. This is around the same time.

It’s very good for health. With this approach, the body gives out the maximum resource state. You get energy without coffee or stimulants. Maybe getting up at the same time won’t cure or replace a full treatment, but it will noticeably improve your health.

2. Make a habit of keeping order

It is necessary to put things in order where you live. Don’t clutter up your home, don’t cause chaos, don’t maintain disorder. Anything dirty needs to be cleaned up. Anything open needs to be closed. Anything torn needs to be mended. Broken things need to be repaired. The scattered stuff needs to be shelved. And so on.

Sometimes a simple cleaning of the house, a simple mopping of the floor, can do fantastic things: for example, you may come up with ideas on how to solve an old unsolvable problem.

In the process of cleaning, as well as any physical activity, our brain begins to work differently: which means it begins to see solutions to questions. That’s why if you have an unsolvable problem, stop thinking about it. Turn your mind to something else, something simple (like getting your house in order) and the solution to the problem will arise on its own.

It’s hard to believe, but dirty dishes, for example, directly affect the wealth in the house. In houses where dishes are washed in a timely manner, money is always present.

3. Love your dad and mom

There are two most important people in our lives: our mother and father. They are the ones who gave us life, they are the ones who brought us up. And almost 80% of our destiny depends on how we communicate with them.

In most cases children repeat the fate of their parents. Yes, you may not like many things about the way your mom and dad lived, but that doesn’t mean that they chose that path consciously. It’s quite possible that it was the way things turned out. There’s no point in blaming them for that.

There will be no other parents in your life. So love them as they are. Communicate with them more often, show sincerity and care.

According to most psychologists, most of life’s problems begin in the family. That’s why it is important to dig right here. That’s why you can’t change your life and destiny for the better if you don’t establish relations with your parents.

Depending on your relationship with your parents (whether they are alive or dead, together or divorced), you can change a lot of things in your life. If you were in a quarrel and suddenly had a heart-to-heart talk, stopped being offended and started thanking them, somehow a wind of change magically appears and begins to blow the dust off and clean your destiny.

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