What shouldn’t you be afraid to ask your men?

What shouldn’t you be afraid to ask your men?

Sometimes it’s hard for a man and a woman to combine plans. Sometimes women feel that the request will be inappropriate. This leads to situations when a woman wants to ask for something but is shy. And when she does decide, it turns out that the man is happy to do this or that thing. This is the kind of thing we are going to talk about here.

“Please, dedicate me a day”

Sometimes the woman misses the man (for example, when both work, and as a result, sometimes they can see each other rarely, maybe a couple of hours a day). Weekends are not an option, as they are also scheduled. Sometimes the man has his own plans for the weekend (going out with friends or something). And many women want to ask: “Dedicate me a day, please”, but are afraid to say so.

In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of (and men willingly agree to this request). But you need to plan this day clearly, so that it will be comfortable and useful not only for you, but also for your beloved man.

Men don’t like that idea in three cases:

  1. When it’s all day at the mall (they think it’s a waste of time);
  2. When it’s all day with your girlfriends;
  3. Or when this request sounds wrong in time.

So it’s worth asking for it well in advance of this day. And in doing so, tell the man that you are not planning shopping, meeting with girlfriends and everything in that spirit. Spend the day really together: go to a cafe, a movie, a park and so on. The man will be happy to take a break from routine of life, and will allocate his beloved the whole day.

“What are you working on now?”

This is when a woman wants to understand something about a man’s work, or wants to participate in it somehow. For example questions like:

  • “What’s interesting about what you do?”;
  • “Why is this thing you’re working on so important?”;
  • “Can I come over to your work tomorrow?”;
  • “How are your new projects?”.

Many women mistakenly assume that such questions will only irritate men (because there’s a perception that men don’t want to associate work and women). But if it’s a favorite job or hobby, he’ll be happy to tell and show you everything.

Sometimes a woman wants to be closer to a man, wants to understand what he lives for outside the home, what he is really passionate about. But she is too shy to ask specifically. And here the exception is that a man has to love his job. Naturally, no one wants to talk about what he doesn’t like, and just came from that bad job, here they talk about it again. In such a situation, yes, it is better not to be interested in such matters.

“I want you to surprise me”

Women are emotional creatures. They like gifts and surprises, pleasant unexpectedness.

Men, on the other hand, are differently structured. They are logic-driven, they always plan everything, and therefore they rather perceive surprises in a negative way (because they break their plans). This is why many women in relationships lack pleasant surprises. And they are afraid to ask about it.

You don’t have to be ashamed of it. In fact, men just love to give gifts to their loved ones. They simply need to hint about them sometimes. You can say: “I love surprises. It would be great if you would please me sometimes, even with the smallest surprises”.

Surprises for a woman can be very different:

  • buying flowers;
  • buying ice cream;
  • buying tickets to the theater;
  • buying bijouterie, etc.

Such little surprises help a relationship a lot. Men often do not even think about it, but it is worth asking them (because they can see that it is so easy to cause joy in the beloved woman). And if you hint to your man that you adore surprises, with a high probability you will receive them much more often.

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