How to win a man if you are over 40 and your competitor is much younger?

How to win a man if you are over 40 and your competitor is much younger?

What’s stronger: experience or beauty? Can a middle-aged, but experienced woman compete for a man with a young and beautiful girl?

In my opinion, yes! Mature women in principle understand men better than young women. And if it’s a question of building or preserving the serious relationship, the odds are definitely in your favor.

Of course, before you rush into a “fight,” you should take a good look at your competitor and consider her strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at them.


Young women have a powerful weapon and advantage in their arsenal: fresh skin and hair, youthfulness, natural (and synthetic) beauty, lack of complexes. At the same time, women over 40 very often cannot boast of such beauty.

However, it is difficult to conquer a man by beauty alone today. There are a lot of beautiful girls, and it is easy to meet them (on the same dating sites). They all follow the same standards, they all look the same. There is no individuality in them, there is no “zest” in them, which is in experienced women have.

So, how to win a man if you are over 40 and your competitor is much younger? Be smart and well-read. Experience shows that most of these young beauties and Barbies are “empty”. There are absolutely nothing to talk about with them. The goal of dating them is always the same for men (sex). But if we talking to build something more serious relations men choose only those women with whom they are interested not only in sleeping, but also in communicating.

Manners and character

The manners and the character of young girls are too complicated, too unpredictable, too infantile. Young girls are too demanding and quickly become offended.

For example, they very often use the “whip” trick with men (when a girl constantly pretends to be offended). The man starts apologizing, adjusting, and so on. Among other things, it binds the men, but what happens next?

Men get tired of this sooner or later. And in the end, that man leaves girl, because he’s sick of all these offends at every turn. They understand that whatever you do for this girl, it doesn’t get better.

Women over 40 are already smarter. They know that instead of using the “whip” it is better to use the “gingerbread”. They know that a man can and should be held back by nice things. It can be warmth, food or words. If a man is fed well, given warmth and told he is the nicest, he will never leave. And grown women know this and use it.

Binding to self

And here again the advantage is on the side of experienced women.

How do young girls bind a man to them? Only with sex and constant whining (I want this and that). And what does an experienced woman do? She acts in a more subtle way.

She will show affection and care. She will make a man think of her and miss her at work. In addition, experienced women have such techniques in their arsenal:

  • Mysteriousness. Which constantly keeps a man’s interest, excites his mind. Men are very drawn to such women, because by nature they constantly need to feel like a conqueror and a breadwinner, they always need to discover something new in their woman;
  • Care and attention. It is to show your attention even in the most ordinary little things: to listen to your man about his problems at work, to correct his tie, to show attention to his loved ones or an animal that is very dear to him;
  • The ability to listen. Any man likes to be listened to. Unlike young girls who only prefer to talk about themselves (and their problems), experienced women know how to listen without interrupting or imposing their point of view;
  • An optimistic state of mind. Every man dreams to be near a woman who is happy, radiant with joy and merriment. Moreover, such a woman will also be able to support her man and give him confidence, and this is a very important quality in a relationship;
  • The ability to praise. Often it is up to a woman to make her man feel good about himself. And her task is to make him feel his best. So a real, sincere praise can give a man a lot of confidence. And feeling high with such a woman, he will always strive for her and will never leave her;
  • The skill to choose outfits. In contrast to young girls, experienced women are much better at dressing tastefully;
  • The ability to distance oneself if necessary. Men love their personal space. And sometimes they just need to be alone. An experienced woman senses this moment and distances herself for a while. At the same time, young girls mistakenly believe that they have become uninterested and only increase the pressure;
  • The skill to hold a man with words, not with body. If there is already a relationship (or there is a marriage), an experienced woman knows very well what arguments to use to keep the relationship alive. As a rule it is money, children, real estate, common business, etc. This has a stronger effect on men than just a beautiful young body.

These, of course, are not all examples of tricks to keep men. But they are enough to show you that you can win the battle with a young female.

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