Signs of dislike and dislove

Signs of dislike and dislove

For some reason you have doubts: that some person you thought was a friend treats you well. For some reason you have doubts, even though everything is normal. You communicate, you share, you spend time together, you write to each other, but somehow you have doubts about sincere love or friendship. You feel like you’re being paranoid and accusing a good person, right? And you look closely, listen, observe. There are unmistakable signs that your subconscious reads.

So one woman came to give a lecture with her friend. A friend, the lady thought. But something lately had begun to strain her and give her doubts about her friend’s good feelings. There was no reason to! But when they got out of the car, they saw a small coin under their feet. A cent or a penny lying in the dirt. And her girlfriend said loudly: “Hurry up and pick up that coin! It’s for luck. And you’re going to need your luck today!”. It was said in an unpleasant tone, with hidden mockery and envy.

Why did contempt arise? Simply, the lady who gave the lecture became successful and made good money. She was being clapped, she was being listened to attentively. And her girlfriend helped organize the performances, she didn’t know how to perform and didn’t want to take responsibility. She was happy with the second role and the good pay. But, apparently, she wasn’t quite satisfied… Subsequently, she slandered the lady speaker and brought a lot of trouble. And the small coin showed everything at once!

There are signs you can guess that we are not loved. They treat us unkindly, though they strenuously disguise their true attitude. These are simple signs, you just have to be careful:

“Rotten” compliments or “Chimera” compliments

Why chimeras? Because it’s not a real compliment, it’s not sincere. The “head” of such a compliment is so beautiful, so good, so sweet. But the tail is a snake’s tail.

For example:

  • “That dress suits you so well. It’s very beautiful. It perfectly masks your figure flaws!”;
  • “You gave a great performance. You spoke so well! I didn’t even expect it from you. You usually have trouble with speaking!”;
  • “You look so good! You’ve lost so much weight. I hope you’re not sick!”.

These chimera compliments are very poisonous and hurtful, even though we seem to have been praised (and even said nice things). In fact, we have been treated to a berry that is ripe on the outside but rotten on the inside.

Greed towards you

People around you may seem nice, but as soon as it comes to money or gifts, they get greedy, become stingy misers. Such a person is sorry to give us something, and if they do give something, it is only what does not suit them.

Such people take the most delicious, the best and a lot for themselves. And they share with us on the leftover principle. They save on us; it is evident by their holiday gifts and their treats. Whatever good feelings a man may have, if he takes the best for himself and spares for us, he does not love us.

Their smiles aren’t sincere

There’s a term called the “attic smile”. It is when they look at you and smile, but the look is cold and the smile itself is insincere.

The Attic smile is the smile of the ancient statues, when the tips of the lips are raised, but the eyes are not smiling. You are congratulated on your success or told good things, but that smile flickers, their eyes are cold, their facial expression does not match the words.

You are criticized in a destructive way

After such criticism, it’s as if the ground has been removed from under your feet. You have no desire to improve or correct anything. Destructive criticism makes you feel worthless and weak. And you no longer want to do what you are doing or wanted to start. Your strength and inspiration disappear.

You are taunted with mockery

Unlike ordinary friendly jokes, such jokes are “poisonous”: the person is not laughing with you, but simply making fun of you. He often does this in front of others, hitting your sore spots (often as if unintentionally). You are forced to laugh with everyone else, but you are hurt and pricked by these jokes…

You feel discomfort

Discomfort manifests itself in the fact that it becomes difficult for you to be around this person, even if he or she is a close friend or relative. You feel tension, you try to move away, to remove yourself emotionally or physically.

You catch yourself avoiding close contact, but the person is perplexed, shrugs his shoulders, and asks: “Did he give you a reason to feel worse about yourself? Why did you start avoiding him? Something happened, didn’t it?”. And you are forced to communicate again and make excuses, saying that you were just busy or sick…

Radiation of negativity

People who don’t like you constantly talk to you about negative topics. It is as if they are pushing you into bad memories or trying to evoke bad emotions. They talk about things that are hard or unpleasant for you to hear, things that upset you. And he’s asking you exactly what’s upsetting you.

Sometimes we think it’s just a way of communicating. I guess this person just doesn’t know that it’s a sore spot for you? Just a coincidence? No, it’s not a coincidence. If such a person is constantly talking about topics that are painful to you, he is doing it deliberately. But to do what? His purpose is to hurt you.


These are simple signs of dislike and dislove. If you communicate with a person and several of them systematically appear (even three or four), it means that your fears are correct: you are not loved. And no matter how much these people assure you of their friendship or love, don’t believe them.

Such people may smile at you, appear friendly, but their hidden intentions are quite different. Most often it is accumulated envy or resentment against you. So if this person is dear to you, then communicate, but do not have illusions – they can cost you dearly.

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