Remove poverty from your home! Clairvoyant advices

Remove poverty from your home! Clairvoyant advices

In this article we will talk about omens that will give prosperity and harmony in the family. And about what you must necessarily throw out of the house if you want to have money always in the family.

Why does it work?

You can believe in superstitions or not believe in them. In fact, there are many things in nature that are unexplored. For example, nature and the universe are constantly sending us signs and signals, and those people who decipher them correctly are more likely to succeed. And such signals and signs surround us everywhere, even in our own homes.

So, let’s begin…


There should always be a salt shaker on the table. My mother once told me that. For a long time I didn’t understand why a salt shaker had to be on the kitchen table. But then I realized why it is so important.

Salt is the source of white energy, that is why it is so afraid of the forces of darkness. That’s why for centuries, people have sprinkled salt on the threshold of the house, applied a few specks of salt on the forehead of a child, while reading the Jesus Prayer (so they don’t get the evil eye).

Salt has its power not only on the table. Clairvoyants recommend to conduct a wet cleaning with it by pouring salt in a bucket, especially calcined in the oven. It has a special cleansing power.

When you take a bath, put 100 grams of salt and the same amount of baking soda in it, and you will not have to use soap. Salt plus baking soda will remove all the negative energy from you and give you vigor and strength.

Second rule for the kitchen: Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight! Remember that light loves cleanliness, and dirt sticks to dirt. Knives, forks, and spoons should not be lying around unattended, just like an empty plate or vase. All of the above fill the house with negative energy and unambiguously lead to poverty.

It is good to have flowers in a vase (but only fresh ones, throw away the wilted ones). The salt shaker should always be full. It is also good for prosperity in the family when there are fruits, confectionery, sweets are lying in the kitchen.

And the last advice: Don’t swear in the kitchen! There are foods there that absorb this destructive energy. If you do quarrel, try to pray and reconcile as soon as possible.


Do you want your home to be prosperous? Then never kill spiders!

I foresee indignation: then the house will become chaos from the cobwebs. No, it won’t! Cobwebs can and should be removed, but do not touch the spiders. Even if there are dozens and hundreds of them in your house. Do not touch them!

Like salt, spiders are sources of white energy, they are natural keepers of the home. Spiders bring prosperity to families, and their killing, on the contrary, leads to poverty.


It’s good when there are no mirrors in the bedroom… If there is, it should not be reflected on the bed.

In all beliefs, the mirror is the boundary between the immaterial and the material world. It is unwise to sleep near such a portal. Just heed my advice.

Also, if you want to remove poverty from your home, always make your bed. Do it immediately after sleeping, don’t leave your bed unmade. When you make a bed, you as if protect yourself, close from influence of forces which are foreign to you.

Just try to follow these tips and you will feel that the quarrels in the house will be less, life will be easier, also the welfare of the family will increase.

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