Signs that a man hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time

Signs that a man hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time

This, of course, is a sad sight. If a man hasn’t had a relationship with a woman in a long time, or even just a little romance, it’s immediately apparent.

If a man leads a closed life, closes himself off from everyone, his social skills are lost over time. And it’s not easy to get a man like that to talk. It’s not like a bicycle, which once you learn to ride, you can’t forget.

Below are more two signs that a man hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time.

Avoidance of women

First, such a man is often afraid and avoids communication with the ladies, even though he wants it inside.

He’s shy, he stares at the floor, he’s silent, or he says something incomprehensible. He has forgotten what it means to talk to a girl, to flirt, to look her in the eye, or simply to be an interesting conversationalist.

Alternatively, he’s scared and shy, but he hides it behind ostentatious rudeness and harshness. In fact, his emotions are the same, he just doesn’t want to seem weak, and that’s why he starts pushing and behaving aggressively. This also repulses women.

Neglecting self-care: cleanliness, hygiene, appearance etc.

Secondly, if you go to such a man’s house, you will see that it is most likely not very clean and tidy, and most likely it is unpleasant to be there.

And not just because there is no mistress in the house (after all, a man is quite capable of putting things in order). He just does not need it, there is no motivation. He has no one to like, no one to do it for. Such a man goes out and withers in the semi-darkness of his “palace”, not really bothering with cleanliness, dusting and regular dishwashing. Often in the apartments of bachelors almost everything needs to be repaired.

These men also have an untidy appearance. They often have problems with their hair, hands, nails, and shoes. Everything looks unkempt, ugly and just sad. You look at them and think: “Oh my God, what’s the matter with you”.

In fact, there is nothing surprising. There is a proverb for a reason:

A man without a woman is like a robot without the meaning of life.

He lives to the absolute minimum, he doesn’t need excesses, entertainment, beauty, he just functions until he goes to the next world. Everything seems good, but there is no joy. There’s no purpose.

I do not think that the meaning of life is to devote himself to a woman (this is stupid), but the meaning of man is different – to continue the race (not only genetically, but also culturally). The meaning to raise children, to promote own values in the world, to improve people’s lives. It is much more interesting to do this together with a woman, than alone.

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