How to sleep properly? Biohacking point of view

How to sleep properly? Biohacking point of view

I’ll tell you how to sleep properly using my own example.

The first thing to do is to ensure complete darkness in the room where you sleep. The curtains should be thick and not let any light in. You can additionally order blackout curtains, which will provide complete darkness.

If there are any light indicators from devices in the room, you need to turn them off at all or at night. If there is no blackout function, then tape them down. Where possible, I’ve turned them off, and where not possible, I’ve taped them up as well. Sometimes light can come in from other rooms, so there, too, you need to close the curtains and turn off any, even minimal lighting.

If for some reason it is not possible to achieve complete darkness, you can buy a sleep mask. At first I bought one, but I did not like it very much, I ordered another one and now I am comfortable with it. So even if you order a mask and you find it uncomfortable, that’s okay, just this particular mask may not suit you, so it’s worth trying another one. Many people find that by morning the mask comes off of them. So, even if you sleep with a mask, it is still necessary to try as much as possible to create complete darkness in the room.

How to sleep properly? Biohacking point of view

Why does darkness affect the quality of sleep? Because it is in the dark maximum quality of the sleep hormone melatonin is produced. On its production depends on how your sleep quality and refreshing. Surely you have noticed that it seems like you sleep enough, but still do not sleep well. Sufficient melatonin production affects the fact that you fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake up full of energy.

The most restorative phase of sleep is the deep phase. The better you provide darkness, the deeper your sleep will be. This can be explained in evolutionary terms. There used to be no smart phones, smart watches, computers, TVs, or artificial lights at home or outdoors. And by evening it was already dark everywhere, melatonin was being produced and people naturally wanted to sleep. And with the appearance of the sun, the production of the sleep hormone stopped, and people woke up (in fact, this process is influenced by many factors, but for the purposes of this article we consider only melatonin).

Now, because of the lights and gadgets around, the brain is confused and does not realize that it is nighttime and it is time to go to sleep. Because of the blue spectrum that the devices emit, the brain thinks that it is still daytime and not time to sleep, so the production of sleep hormone is minimal.

But I am a realist and I will not tell you to turn off all the devices 2 hours before you go to sleep, as many people usually do. I understand that almost everyone will not comply with this, because in our modern world, it is difficult enough to do. I myself do not want to completely disconnect from all modern things in 2-3 hours. That’s why there’s a tiphack – biohacking orange glasses that block out the blue spectrum. You put them on and go about your business.

How to sleep properly? Biohacking point of view

Thanks to these glasses, we help the brain realize that it’s really evening and it’s bedtime soon. And the brain starts producing hormones. It is recommended to wear such glasses 2 hours before going to bed.

Also, turn on the night mode on your phone and computer. You can set it to turn on automatically in the evening. Or you can turn it on around the clock, like I do. Because it is believed that there is already a lot of blue spectrum in our lives. It makes a person get tired faster. And with the night mode there is less fatigue. I’ve noticed this on myself. And fatigue is not only in terms of energy, but in general the eyes are more pleasant. That’s why I recommend the night mode on around the clock.

How to sleep properly if you are live in noisy neighborhood? Let’s go back to evolution again. As you know, our ancestors always lived in a state of danger. A would-be tiger could attack at any moment. Therefore, if there were extraneous sounds, a person immediately prepared for a quick reaction.

And to be ready for the unexpected, one should not be in a deep sleep phase (which is the most effective). After all, if there is danger nearby, then in this phase a person may simply not wake up in time and will not be able to react properly. Therefore, in order for the brain to go through all the phases of sleep and enough of them, complete silence is necessary. Then there will be an understanding that it is safe to go into the deep phase now.

The question is not whether or not you hear extraneous sounds during sleep. Because you may not be conscious of the sounds, but your brain registers everything. So how do you achieve complete silence?

In today’s world, especially in urban areas, it’s hard to achieve complete silence. Neighbors, cars, and the many other sources of sound that you have no control over will get to you. If you have quality soundproofing on all sides and plus you live in a private home away from the road, then you’re in luck. If not, then earplugs come to the rescue. These are things that you put in your ears and they block out extraneous sounds.

How to sleep properly? Biohacking point of view

Of course earplugs don’t block 100% of sounds but they are enough to not hear anything at all. At first I ordered myself one earplug. I wore them for a few days, but didn’t like them so I gave them up. After a while I ordered others, and I like them a lot.

Many people find the idea of sleeping with earplugs uncomfortable. I personally do not feel uncomfortable. When I sleep with them I feel really well in the morning. So it’s a working thing. If you find the earplugs annoying, you probably haven’t found the comfortable ones. You need to experiment. Order other ones, you might like them.

One last thing: don’t forget that all the devices in the room should be set to night mode, so that no one and nothing will wake you up. If you think that you can get an urgent call at night from your relatives, you can put them on the list of exceptions on your device.

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