The energy of wealth or 7 principles of its achievement

The energy of wealth or 7 principles of its achievement

Money by itself does not bring happiness, everyone knows that. But money gives you the freedom to pursue your intentions. And money is also energy. The energy of intention and opportunity. If you are empty inside (tired, apathetic, withdrawn), then you have no vector of intention, or it is directed inward. In terms of the Universal Law of Equilibrium, why do you need the possibility of incarnation? Zero gives only zero, minus gives rise to minus – there will be no money or they will appear only for the most necessary, to survive.

If you are overwhelmed inside (problems of relatives, illness, debts) then there are too many vectors, the energy given will dissipate before it arrives. Money will come and go right away. And what if you also long for it? Any obsession blocks the correct flow of energy in the body, creates the energy block – your strongest desire blocks the very possibility of money coming to you. Because money energy, like any energy, needs freedom in order to be embodied.

The eager one is despotic. The obsessed is isolated in the space of his obsession. And no freedom, no money. Money is never given for the sake of money. Just as any normal being eats not in order to eat, but in order to live.

It’s very simple and logical. And that’s why it’s very, very difficult for us, people, to realize this simplicity, to accept it in ourselves, because it means to start living differently, to change the way of thinking and your usual life, at first having no guarantees, nothing at all… It requires courage. And love for what you do. After all, in order to attract prosperity, you have to be in a state of well-being.

So, here 7 simple principles of Wealth (as laid out by Bob Mandel in “The Money Mantras” book):

  1. Love yourself: your energy, your talent, your God-given life;
  2. Forgive your parents. Resentment toward your family blocks your strength. Let go of your past and know that you are not limited by it. You can always start over;
  3. Follow your mission. Know that wealth is created by the human mind in fellowship with God;
  4. Serve others as you would serve yourself. The desire to give freely enriches your life. Generosity is rewarded;
  5. Be grateful for what you have. Pay attention to the fullness of your life, not its emptiness. When it seems like there is nothing joyful or good left in your life, it just seems that way. Give yourself the trouble to remember those and the things that bring you joy, and just start doing them;
  6. Say “No” to things you don’t want. Don’t compromise with yourself;
  7. Be willing to receive freely. Receiving does not obligate you to give something back, to do something for something. Let yourself receive for who you are, not for what you do.

And remember: God always gives you more than you ask for. Your money is your energy. Just as energy doesn’t come out of nowhere and go nowhere, so the money doesn’t just appear from nowhere and for nothing. It appears only when it is really needed for an important purpose.

We are of course talking about big money, about wealth. Such big money is always given from above for a certain purpose, mission or ministry. You can serve the world, you can serve your clients, you can serve your company. You can serve one important person or family. It doesn’t matter. It’s about understanding why you’re doing it and wanting to do it.

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