After what questions on the first date it is better to run from a man

After what questions on the first date it is better to run from a man

We’ve already talked about what questions you should ask a man on a first date on our blog, Today we are going to talk about what questions men can ask you.

And if the following five questions are among them, you can safely cross this man off the list of pretenders for your hand.

1. Why is such a gorgeous girl still alone?

An adequate man would not ask such question, because he understands that situations are different. The fact that you haven’t met your man yet is not surprising (he may be the one you’ve been looking for).

2. Do you have your own apartment or a rented one?

A self-sufficient man either has his own place or the means to rent an apartment. He knows full well that this is his responsibility. And he has little interest in what kind of place you live in.

3. How much money do you earn?

This question is more appropriate not for you, but for the man. After all, the question of provision is a man’s privilege, not yours. And it’s up to the man to think about how to provide for his family.

4. Do you meet with anyone else besides me?

Of course you do! You have to choose the best one out of all the candidates, and this is only a first date. And if you are asked this question on the first date, it is a sign of an insecure man, a possible tyrant.

He hasn’t won you over yet, but he already claims you and is ready to be jealous of every pole. A self-sufficient man is aware that at this stage you choose. And it will be all the more pleasant for him if you choose him in the end.

5. How many relationships have you had?

This is like asking how many men you’ve been in bed with (it’s inappropriate and indecent). An adequate, confident and mentally healthy man wouldn’t ask that. Do you need inadequate? I doubt it.

Such questions mean that with this particular candidate you are not on the way. But in any case, do not sarcasm in response, and do not try to teach a man any wisdom. Try to answer politely and with humor. But do not agree to a second date.

Be attentive to these little things, they may tell you how adequate and confident your partner is. And whether it is worth continuing to communicate with him in the future to build a long-term relationship. And the key to a happy and strong relationship is harmony in all areas of life, including the intimate.

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