The Righteous with a Dark soul. How to see the true face of people?

The Righteous with a Dark soul. How to see the true face of people?

It’s very easy for us to label people. Here he is a good man, and he is a bad man. We call a person good if he has no bad habits, and he has no negative qualities. But it is a very superficial perception. Would you like an example?

Imagine a manly man who is negative about adultery. He is loyal and faithful, he is goal-oriented and energetic, he is athletic and hardworking. And he leads an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. He doesn’t eat animal meat, he doesn’t smoke or drink. He is also a thoughtful philosopher, well versed in art. And of course he is financially secure.

Have you imagined it? What can you say about this person? Did you like him? He’s about 98 percent perfect! A lot of women would probably dream of making a life with such a man. But what if you found out it was Hitler?

Alas, we are very bad judges of people. We judge a person by the absence of something. But a person who doesn’t drink or smoke is not necessarily a bright person. It’s often the other way around. Miraculously surviving victims of maniacs usually say that the person seemed to them positive, friendly, at the stage of acquaintance made an interesting conversation.

People with dark souls build around themselves a framework of decency, ostentatious politeness, they can be extremely intolerant in matters of morality. Remember how the famous Jack the Ripper killed only prostitutes. He thought he was ridding London of “filth”.

There was also such an executioner in history – Sanson. He was considered to be a very religious and God-fearing man. And he really believed, but he had his own, specific faith. Sanson read prayers before torturing people and he was extremely polite and courteous to those whom he tortured. One woman got seasick on her way to an execution, so he advised her to sit in the middle of the bench. He killed her afterwards, but he made sure she didn’t get motion sickness.

It’s hard to believe, but this maniac even wrote a book about how he met famous people. Sanson tortured and killed them all, of course, but politely, apologizing for the damage done.

That’s why you shouldn’t judge people on their first impressions. There are good and bad sides in everyone. And if you flaunt a polished personality, polite, with strict standards of morality, then it is this ostensible goodness that should alert you.

How many people are there who bow down in church and then beat their own children? How many soft-hearted and helpful employees become tyrants in the home? How much evil is done in the world under the slogan “for your own good”? Examples abound.

The worst thing is that the dark soul is not recognized by the owners of this innermost being. On the contrary, such people often consider themselves superhumans, several notches higher than others. They are fully convinced that they have a full moral right to rule the fate, to cripple souls, to kill, if not physically, then morally.

There is another subspecies of dark souls are people who do neither good nor bad to this world. Why they are dark? Because they are indifferent. And the ancient sages considered the worst human sin – indifference. Because it is with the silent consent of the indifferent that evil is done in the human world.

Such dark souls will pass by a pack of teenagers who kick a weak peer, pass by a fallen man in the street if he is ill, they will not lift a finger if they notice injustice. Let someone else do it, the problem is none of his business, “his house is on the edge”.

That’s why you can only judge a person by his actions and by what action he brings to the world. We must judge what traces of his interaction with the world he leaves behind. If this person makes other people feel bad, he is a bad person, no matter how much of a halo he creates around himself.

Truly bright souls, people who do good things, often have a number of weaknesses that they do not find it necessary to hide. They live with their souls wide open. They can help people and smoke cigars like steam engines. They save lives, but like to drink alcohol. They do great things and at the same time are unfaithful to their women. They do good and evil at the same time.

And what does the public do when they see this unsightly surface? It just turns its back on these people.

Can anyone who can’t control himself, who lives on impulse, be good? Yes, he can. These are the people who will support you in a difficult moment, who will do everything if you are in trouble. And they will not ask for gratitude.

So learn to judge people correctly. And if you are suppressed by a highly moral person, run away from him. What is often assessed as depth of soul is not really depth, but a black bottom. Look at the actions, listen to your feelings. Because if a good and kind person has a few bad habits, they can be overcome or put up with. But a dark soul cannot be corrected in any way.

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