Top women’s mistakes that lead to breakups in relationships

Top women’s mistakes that lead to breakups in relationships

My wife has a stupid habit: when she gets offended at me, she starts playing silence instead of explaining what she didn’t like. If at first this seemed like a nice whim, over time it becomes more and more annoying. I no longer want to find out anything, to justify myself, to beg for forgiveness, or even to talk. She keeps quiet, and that’s fine, at least she doesn’t drip on my brain.

Let me tell you what other “vagaries” women commit that completely discourage the desire to create a harmonious relationship. There are several trivial mistakes that women make in relationships. And these mistakes most often lead to breakups. Check yourself to see if you make them.

1. Indifferent attitude

Ignoring signs of attention, actions and even mistakes of a man leads to a quick loss of love in a couple. In many couples, the woman’s reasoning is: “If I have him, it’s good, if I don’t have him, I don’t need him”…

2. Maternal care

One of the most effective ways to annoy a man (and drive him into a “red state”) is to constantly control him and nurture him like a baby. It is important for everyone to have personal space, and men need it, because they prefer to restore their strength and energy in solitude.

3. Tear blackmail

Men can’t stand women’s tears and are willing to do anything to get you to stop crying. But this only works the first two times. On the third and subsequent times it does not work, but only more annoying. If you want to influence a man, do it with flirting.

4. Playing in silence

The man did something wrong, and you resentfully silent like a little girl. If you are upset by something your man has done, tell him so. Until you start acting like an adult, there will always be problems as a couple.

5. Complimenting a man

If you do it on and off, the man quickly relaxes and starts to get cocky. Praise only for what he does and does it well. And to indicate those moments that for you are completely unacceptable. Remember about personal boundaries!

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