What kind of mattress should a biohacker have?

What kind of mattress should a biohacker have?

Today I will tell you about biohacker mattresses. Because your health, energy, mental abilities and so on depend on how and on what you sleep.

The first rule: A mattress must be healthy

You spend almost a third of your life on your mattress. And it’s definitely not worth saving money on this area of life. You can save on your watch, phone, car, etc., but you shouldn’t save on your bed and specifically your mattress. After all, how you sleep will depend on how well you work and think. Quality sleep directly affects your performance and your health.

The second rule: The correct stiffness of the mattress

I bought myself a mattress with different degrees of firmness. One side is hard, the other side is medium. It is believed that the stiffer, the better. And I change sides every few months. Can withstand 300 kg, 15 years warranty, 24 cm height. Uniform distribution of the load. It is a pleasure to sleep.

How to choose the right firmness of a mattress for a bed? During the search for a suitable product, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Your age;
  2. Parameters of the body, its weight;
  3. State of health;
  4. Adherence to a lifestyle;
  5. Habitual positions for sleep.

It is important for teens and young adults under the age of 25 to sleep on a bed that is not too soft. The body is still growing and needs good support for the back. The more the sleeper weighs, the stiffer the bed should be. But if you are over 50, the bed should be as soft as possible. Because of muscle weakness, excessive stiffness can cause pain.

How to choose a mattress by weight?

  • Up to 55 kg. The ideal choice would be a soft model with struttofiber, polyurethane, natural or artificial latex, with memory effect;
  • Between 55-90 kg. For such people mattresses with medium hardness and maximal load capacity up to 140 kg would be suitable. Taller people with a normal weight can turn to softer variants;
  • Heavier than 90 kg. Obese men and women should choose the hardness of the mattress from the category “high”. Spring versions with additional padding from coconut or horsehair will provide a comfortable and harmless to health rest.

If you have back problems

How to choose the firmness of the mattress for the bed for someone who has back pain? On the Internet you can find a bunch of recommendations from “experts”, with advice to buy a rigid model. But you should not immediately run to place an order in the hope that such a product will help get rid of pain.

Osteochondrosis requires a special approach.

With osteochondrosis it is important to carefully study the characteristics of bedding. The optimal level of elasticity will prompt a qualified traumatologist and orthopedist, but you should not neglect the mandatory condition: look for orthopedic options that support the natural position of the spine.

Do not increase intervertebral disc displacement by additional curvature of the spine. Excessive material sagging will cause the problem to worsen. Thus, the stiffness of the mattress for osteochondrosis should be high.

Additional selection criteria

When two people with different parameters sleep in the same bed, it is possible to buy a mattress with different halves. Such models for double beds are adapted to the different needs of couples.

The preferred sleeping position also affects which mattress is best to choose. If you like to sleep on your stomach, give preference to firmer surfaces. Lying on your side is healthier on soft bedding. And for the position on your back, you should look for mattresses of medium hardness.

Physical activity affects the comfort in bed. The higher the exertion, the stiffer the bed should be. If you alternate workout and rest days, a mattress with different halves will also come in handy.

How to choose a mattress by hardness level: soft or hard? The first thing to do is to determine the hardness level of the product. The most common classification:

  • Low;
  • Medium;
  • High hardness.

The softest padding is considered wool, as well as foam rubber. More rigid would be struttofiber, hollofiber, latex. They are used in the manufacture of orthopedic bedding.

Spring models with independent blocks have a medium level of rigidity. The hardest versions are made under the composite scheme. The elasticity of such variants depends on the combination of components inside the mattress cover.

Mattresses with different stiffness of the sides are suitable for most categories of consumers. Hard models are useful for young children, as well as people with upper spine problems or hernias. Choosing the medium-firmness and density of the filler variant is recommended for young and healthy people with average physical activity. The elderly, weakened by illness and thin people are perfectly suited to soft products.

Third rule: Buy expensive, good mattresses

If you want to have a healthy back and spine, then you definitely should not save money on this.

What to do if you do not have extra money for a good mattress? In fact, many people don’t have extra money for an expensive phone or car either. But they take out loans in order to stand out. But for the sake of health, few people consider loans. I’m not calling anyone to go into debt. But if you have to choose between a loan for an new model of iPhone and a loan for your health, I would choose the latter.

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