Unconscious gestures that reveal a man’s crush on a woman

Unconscious gestures that reveal a man’s crush on a woman

This article will be a great memo for women who want to know if a man who is near them is in love. Men often don’t notice it. They don’t notice their unconscious movements and gestures that give them away.

I’ll start with something that many people should already know. It’s the feet. If a man wants to leave, one foot will be facing the door and the other away from you.

And by logic, you and I can figure out that if both toes are looking at you, then the man really likes hanging out with you, and he’s not going anywhere. If you say that’s not an indicator, check it out. If a man wants to spend time with a woman, in most cases, he is in love with her.

If a man likes a girl, he tries to interact more. This can be seen in the company. If there are a lot of you, but the man jokes and tries to communicate only with you, it is an indicator. It’s a very weighty one.

Often a man can only joke about topics that you have discussed with him. He kind of solidifies your connection. Yesterday you talked about your cat, and today he jokes about it all day long.

Unconscious gestures that reveal a man's crush on a woman

This is an obvious sign that men themselves don’t notice as they show it. But if you want gestures specifically, let’s talk about them.

Any reason to touch a woman will be used, believe me. If you have to call out, he’ll touch the shoulder. If a man is shy, he’ll poke his finger. Either way, there will be interaction with a woman. In normal life, men don’t really like to do this. That is, if a man touches often, it means he is in love.

I’ll tell you another rule that many people know about, but men still don’t watch themselves and do this if they are in love.

In a situation where everyone in the company is laughing, a person unconsciously looks at the person he likes best in the company. This is how you can figure out the person who is in love. You can also look who is looking at each other, if you are interested.

The main thing is to understand that a man wants to communicate with a woman more often and spend more time with her. This is a clear and very eloquent sign that he is very attracted to you.

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