Unworthy people: How to stop suffering from them? Great quote by Anthony Hopkins

Unworthy people: How to stop suffering from them? Great quote by Anthony Hopkins

A very large part of each person’s suffering is related to other people:

  • Failed to meet expectations, betrayed, set up;
  • Not reciprocated preferred someone else;
  • Disrespected, ignored, not appreciated efforts;
  • No reason to criticize, attack, hurt, and so on.

How to react less painfully to all this? How to relax and just accept life as it is? How to get out of the mode: “I want to be good, I want to please everyone and everyone likes me”?

Anthony Hopkins has an accurate, great quote about unworthy people:

“You are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you”.

That’s what’s important to find harmony and stop chasing the approval of others and trying to hold on to those who slip away.

1. Let go of those who don’t need you

If you have already shown your interest in other people, given them “advances”, made steps towards them, but they are still cold, indifferent, they don’t need you, are not interested, they don’t see their future next to you… It’s time to just let them go.

It is important to make room in your life, in your heart for those who are interested in you, who are ready not only to take, but also to give you something in return.

If a person leaves you, it means he is not your person. He didn’t appreciate you, he didn’t understand you, he probably just isn’t worthy of you. Don’t hold it. Make space. A space for that one of your own!

2. Don’t try to win everyone’s approval

Being good to everyone, getting recognition from everyone, proving something to whom you don’t understand… All is just a waste of your energy.

By and large, what will this approval do for you?

You can’t be good and perfect for everyone! Even if you really will be very demanding of yourself, you will do only good things. The people are very subjective. So it’s still not possible to meet the expectations of all at once. Let them be angry, let them criticize you. It’s their choice (how to spend their lives).

It’s better to choose those people who really matter to you, and try to be the best for them.

3. Spend your time and your emotional resources only for those who deserve it

Unfortunately, we usually realize this too late. Only at a certain stage of life does one come to realize how unjustifiably little we have spent our time on the people who truly cherished our love and friendship. And how much energy was poured into secondary episodes, not passing by unworthy, unnecessary people.

We come into this world not to conform to other people’s expectations, but to fulfill our own destiny. Also, with the experience of life’s mistakes, you come to realize what it means to have a soul mate who accepts, loves and appreciates you for who you are.

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