What woman’s weight is considered ideal to men?

What woman’s weight is considered ideal to men?

There are a lot of posts on the Web and Instagram about women’s ideal weight. However, in the real world, in real life, the “ideal weight” rule does not work at all. Seriously, I don’t know men who would choose by weight. Yes, a woman’s figure and waistline are important, but they are not the most important thing.

It should be noted that you can see among the women you know a variety of figures, and not a small fraction of them already have a husband. The figure is not a problem at all.

What I’m saying is that women should work on their character, their mind, rather than their weight. You have to educate yourself, talk to different people, attend cultural events, and so on.

By the way, this is even connected. After all, the more a woman knows, the more she will strive for a standard figure. After all, will come to understand that underweight or overweight, can lead to a number of diseases. It’s no longer a question of appearance, it’s a question of health.

A man just wants to see a healthy woman around him. And there is an advantage for overweight women, because a few “extra” pounds are now considered attractive. So, you don’t have to go to fifty or forty kilos. It doesn’t matter at all.

All the more reason to understand that the foundation of love is always tied to the characters of a man and a woman. Weight, on the other hand, plays almost no role. If a man likes the character of a woman, he will want a relationship.

Moreover, slender women have a problem in that men are attracted only to the figure. So she and the men lose time. Moreover, both do not understand that this will not end well.

When a woman has an ideal figure, it is difficult for her to understand the man’s intentions.

What woman's weight is considered ideal to men?

All you have to do to make your body attractive is to exercise and eat right. The second advantage of this approach is that you will be healthy. And if a woman is healthy, then she is happy, and surely she will find a man.

No need to wear yourself out dieting for a man who does not even look at you. Then he is not your man. Even with a good figure nothing will change. You just need to communicate with a man, and then everything will be clear. The most important thing is to remember that if you have found your man, it is worth turning a blind eye to any flaws. Including weight.

What woman’s weight is considered ideal to men? In case you’re wondering what scientists think:

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen say that women who are 165 centimeters tall and weigh 65 kilos will be the most attractive in any society.

However, if your values are far from these, it does not mean that you will be unattractive to men. It just means that you will be looked at by a few million less men. 🙂

I advise you to think about the fact that weight is basically a convention. First of all, the ideals of weight are conventions that people have invented. And weight itself was invented by people for convenience.

If you’re a man, all that matters is how you feel. Some people want to have something to grab onto. Some people care about how a woman looks next to you at official meetings. Each man must understand for himself how the appearance of a woman plays in his personal life.

It’s extremely stupid to be guided by the conventions and ideals of others. You need to think only with your own rulers, only in this way a man will be happy. If a man’s character is important, why break up with him? I don’t think an extra five or even ten pounds will make a difference.

I hope that men and women will work on their souls first, then talk and weight problems will just disappear, lose their importance in society.

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