Signs that a man is mentally exhausted and his vitality is on the edge

Signs that a man is mentally exhausted and his vitality is on the edge

Many times I have seen stories and situations where a man, driven to the point of despair, blows it all off. The family is ruined, money runs out, children are fought off. But the man to fix it all is not able to, as he is mentally exhausted, no desire and strength to solve problems. Unfortunately, this happens very often, even in seemingly prosperous families.

I’m not going to deal now with who is right and who is wrong about why a man has reached this state (there are many reasons, some of which I describe on this blog). Today I want to talk about the signs of this exhaustion. It will be useful for men to see this in themselves, and for their families to help them and start to change something.

1. Irritation on any occasion

One of the first “bells” is irritation at any requests, situations and mistakes of family members or co-workers. These irritations are the result of months or years of accumulated stress, which begins to seep and is no longer controllable.

2. Loss of interest in going out of the house

Most married men are already homebodies. But in a exhaust situation, leaving the house with a spouse or children to go out to various places of entertainment seems even more difficult. Exhausted men prefer to just sit at home and refuse all activities at all. Even going to work is taken hard.

3. Coldness toward his family

A tired man cannot and does not want to show warmth and care for his wife and children. Often he walks away from hugs, kisses with his wife, jokes away or just tries to be quick to be alone.

The same goes for the children. They ask to play or be with them, but their father refuses.

4. Frequent “Whatever you want” phrases

When a wife or girlfriend suggests something to an exhausted man, he almost always responds with “See what you like”, “Whatever you want” or “I don’t care”.

His motivation and interest are close to zero, so he has no strength or desire to decide anything.

5. No joy in money and shopping

Even if such a man earns money and is well provided for, he may lose all interest in buying himself something. Moreover, he feels it, so he tries to buy more and more expensive things, but they do not please him either. It can be expensive clothes, a motorcycle, a car, but still the joy of these purchases passes quickly.

6. Walking out and ignoring arguments

Men on the edge almost never argue or debate with women or colleagues. It is easier for him to shut up or say “I don’t agree”, but he doesn’t engage in active debate. It is easier to wave his hand, turn away. This is logical, because he has a little power.

7. Late to bed, rests a lot

Exhausted men very rarely observe the regime of the day, so they go to bed late, postponing the moment of rest to sleep, lie during the day after or instead of work, sleep or do nothing. Of course, this leads to an even worse situation, because the confused schedule and lack of physical activity do not add strength.

These are the signs that a man is mentally exhausted and his vitality is on the edge. If you find them in yourself or someone you know, it’s time to beat the alarm. This means that the man is losing interest in what is going on in his life, and that there are some problems that are draining his strength.

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Do not give up! Under any circumstances! You just need a recharge, a reboot. Read our website, and you’ll understand what to do.

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