12 examples of how a psychopath or a narcissist break you psychologically

12 examples of how a psychopath or a narcissist break you psychologically

Destructive partners, which include psychopaths and narcissists, influence their loved one through manipulative tactics and techniques. They subjugate their loved one’s will and make them controllable. The partner becomes dependent, his or her self-esteem sinks lower. As a result, the psychopath or narcissist gets a loving, dependent and yet resourceful object, and the partner only loses from such a relationship.

As a rule, relationships with narcissists or psychopaths, will not be happy, perhaps there will be some illusion of a good life in the beginning, but the more time you are with them, the more unhappy you will become.

These are typical signs and tactics used by destructive partners to influence their loved ones:

1. A place on a pedestal

He himself creates a pedestal for you, and he himself chases you off of it. After the well-known stage of idealization comes the stage of devaluation.

The partner is trying to prove something and earn a place on the pedestal again. He is given to understand that he, of course, can try very hard, that’s when…

2. Ignoring

Ignoring as a way to get your own way. Ignoring as a format for reacting to attempts to hold him accountable. Ignoring as a way to induce guilt.

3. Triangulations

The constant presence of someone third in the relationship. Some suitors. Exes with whom the friendship is too warm. Just comparing your partner to someone else.

4. Constantly changing the rules

Such people literally change their shoes on the fly. Not following the rules themselves, but constantly changing the rules to justify any of their behavior.

5. A blow to self-esteem

From such people you hear constant criticism, dissatisfaction and search for shortcomings. It is not uncommon for psychopaths and narcissists to project their faults onto their partner.

6. Say one thing and do another

Such people are naturally born liars. They often make very beautiful promises that hit the bull’s-eye, which is exactly what their partner wants to hear.

But in fact nothing is done. In the end, one promise is layered on top of another, and so on ad infinitum.

7. Depreciation

Depreciate any achievements of a partner it is the one of examples of how a psychopath or a narcissist break you psychologically. They disregard your words and emotions. They also find reasons to underestimate your importance.

8. Labeling

Attributing some qualities to the partner, accusing him of being… crazy or narcissistic. Calling him self-serving, a nerd, etc., when he wants to clarify the relationship.

9. Manipulations

They may give “a little sugar” for behavior that is convenient and pleasing to them. For unwanted behavior they punish with ignoring, ridicule, deprivation of funds, etc.

10. Blackmail

Both psychopaths and narcissists can practice explicit blackmail.

11. Threats

Such people may also start threatening you. For example, by quitting. Or by leaking some compromising information.

12. Gaslighting

These people make it clear to the partner in every possible way that he is inadequate, he has mental problems, that no one can live with him.

Any of these techniques are built on the fact that your destructive partner puts himself in charge of your couple. Skillfully picks up strings, which pulls you. It is impossible to call such a relationship healthy.

Fortunately, it is possible to fix this situation. Read our blog and you will find answers to all your questions.

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