Why is gray hair a sign of good health?

Why is gray hair a sign of good health?

Gray hair ages a person. That’s the common belief. And many people worry about the appearance of gray hair, especially if it appeared early. It’s early aging, they think.

In fact, early gray hair is a sign of health and a great metabolism. Hair color is related to the secretion of melanins, and this secretion requires the most important and valuable antioxidants the body has – glutathione.

These antioxidants protect from the most dangerous diseases: from cancer, from Alzheimer’s disease, from cardiovascular diseases. Glutathione protects us from deadly diseases.

The concentration of these antioxidants decreases with age. And the smart body doesn’t waste the supply of saving substances on hair coloring. Hair can be dyed or left like that! And the valuable substances should be saved to protect against disease.

People with gray hair fairly early in life are stronger and more resilient. And they have a better chance of living a long life, that’s the conclusion scientists came to after examining 5,000 people between the ages of 30 and 60.

Gray hair commanded respect. And the gray hair of an older family member, such as a grandfather, was worn by the younger ones as a talisman. Not many people managed to live to the age of gray hair in former times.

If you live to see gray hair on your head, it means you have good health and excellent immunity. And genetically passed it on to his descendants. My grandfather lived long! And so will I!

The first gray hair was a sign in many nations. With the appearance of the first gray hair, a person begins to take responsibility for his own actions. Now he works out his personal karma, he has no one to blame for his mistakes: parental programs no longer influence his destiny. You make your own decisions and create your own deeds.

A parental curse also ceases to affect negatively. A curse was understood to mean bad attitudes inherited from one’s ancestors and the evil wishes of one’s mother or father. But now one also bears the responsibility alone!

A gray strand that stands out among “normal” hair and may appear early was considered a sign of a strong Guardian Angel. The angel patronizes such a person and gives him wisdom in his decisions.

In hard times, the gray in someone’s family was a sign of protection and strength. If there was a gray-haired man in the family, he would help the others to survive. Relatives are under his protection.

Perhaps this was instilled with respect for the elderly. So that they would be taken care of and respected in times of disaster. Advice should also be asked of a man with gray hair. It is a sign of wisdom.

Should you paint over your gray hair? It’s up to you, of course. But nowadays, hair dyeing has become less frequent, gray hair has become appreciated and respected. Mankind needs wisdom and prudence, which gray hair symbolizes. Probably, people will dye their hair less and less often, and not only because of the crisis.

In the new era, gray hair will be an important symbol of salvation and establishing the right order of things. Seeing gray hair in your dream is also a good thing. It is a sign of wisdom and the right decision you can make. And a symbol of a high position that you can get. A little more judgment and patience, and you will win the fight!

So gray hair is a positive and beneficial sign in every sense. It is a sign of longevity, health, and wisdom.

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