How much do you need to weigh to attract men?

How much do you need to weigh to attract men?

Female attractiveness is a rating: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. The higher all three rankings, the more attractive you are to men.

The physical rating always comes first: how you look, how you act, how you talk, how you move, how you laugh, and even how you get into a car. The physical rating comes first for a reason, because men primarily look at your appearance and how you present yourself in their public.

If you look after yourself, exercise, dress stylishly, move beautifully and speak in an exciting voice, are confident, laugh infectiously and know how to flirt, then your attractiveness is definitely at a high level.

Does this mean that only girls of size XS and S can have a high physical rating? And at what weight point do you stop being attractive to men?

From time to time I come across this female attitude: “If I lose X amount of weight, all men will start to like me”. My answer is: “No. You won’t, even if you lose more than X pounds”. Because attractiveness and physical rating are not about weight. It’s about attitude: love, respect and acceptance. It’s about self-confidence.

If you do not accept yourself and do not like yourself because of a few extra pounds, then even after getting rid of them, you will still find another reason to be unhappy with yourself. So many girls lose weight to the point of exhaustion, constantly reshaping themselves at plastic surgeons, but continue to look for some flaws in their appearance.

Even the most perfect-looking girl will not be attractive to men if she does not love and appreciate herself. So it is necessary to love yourself at any weight!

If you think you don’t need the extra weight, don’t say: “I don’t like myself”. Say it better: “I love myself all, except that I do not need too much. I’m going to the gym, to get back to a slim body!”.

Of course, if you are overweight, self-love can be undermined by low self-esteem. There can be many reasons for its occurrence:

  • Health problems: high blood pressure, shortness of breath, cholesterol, joint disease, etc.;
  • Difficulty in choosing things and outfits in stores;
  • Frequent fatigue, difficulty with physical exertion and so on.

These are all important and necessary things that signal that it’s time for you to start working on your body. But these factors do not apply to the issue of attractiveness in men. No need to chase fashion and super skinny models on Instagram. A skinny body does not equal to be happy. Neither to be succeed with men.

Appreciate yourself and be happy!

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