How should you look at things? The oriental wisdom

How should you look at things? The oriental wisdom

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Many people know that our lives correspond to what we think about them. Because, it turns out, our thoughts have a material embodiment. There is an anecdote on this subject, which, although humorous, gives an idea of how this works:

“I recently found out that our thoughts can materialise. So I decided to check it out. I started imagining my female boss screaming in bed a lot. And indeed, a couple of days later she was shouting at me in a meeting”.

Of course, it’s humour. And it all works slightly differently from how most people imagine it to work.

We are all divided into pessimists and optimists. The pessimist is always thinking that he is unlucky in life. And at this time, a guardian angel is standing on his shoulder, writing down his ward’s wishes in a notebook. You have already understood what would happen if the man had expressed positive thoughts. People who are always in a positive mood are not easy to understand. Why is my neighbor always in a good mood when I know that her husband is lazy and likes to get involved with other people’s ladies?

Wouldn’t it be better if she walked around forever with marks of misery on her face? Maybe she’s not very smart because she doesn’t notice how bad her life is? Realizing that a person just doesn’t want to turn her life into a hopeless gloom is very difficult. If you don’t have a very happy life, how can you have fun?

Yes, a person sees that all is not well in his life. There are two ways out:

  • Either start feeling sorry for yourself, look for someone to blame, and suffer for the rest of your life;
  • Or accept that the world is as it is, but understand that every unpleasantness you experience gives you invaluable life experience, and makes you stronger and wiser.

Pessimists, as a rule, choose the first path, which means that there is no light in their lives. But optimists always choose the second way, and are able to improve their existence.

The human brain is capable of being programmed by our own thoughts. And if we think only negative thoughts all the time, we are blocking our brain from looking for better ways out in our lives, we are just severely limiting it.

So someone who doesn’t allow dark thoughts to settle in their brain is able to find a way out of the turmoil that happens, and start on the road to light. It’s very easy to convince your mind that nothing good is ever going to happen in your life, and therefore it’s not worth trying to change anything.

It only seems that the optimist does not notice anything bad in life, just his brain works so that in every negative case he sees new opportunities for himself, and this is what gives him optimism.

Human subconscious mind gradually gets convinced that you tend to think only about the bad, and gradually removes, all the memories of the good that happened, or thoughts of what good can happen. In this way, we harm ourselves.

And if you try to exclude all dark thoughts from your mind, and no longer allow them there, what happens? Well, almost everyone knows that optimists live much longer than pessimists. So what does that mean? And that optimism prolongs a person’s life. Consequently, it still means a lot, even to the human body. If there is an obstacle in the way, who will go forward: the pessimist or the optimist?

The first will think that he will not succeed anyway, and everything is useless, no matter how much worse it gets. The optimist will decide that even if he cannot overcome an obstacle, he will become stronger and wiser. And that’s worth a lot.

But just ignoring the bad is wrong. The world is different, it has both sides. And the main thing that a person who wants a happy life should do is to take both sides of the coin, but pay attention entirely to the bright side. It’s as simple as that.

So how should you look at things? A one chinese proverb says:

“Always look on the bright side of things. And if you don’t have any, rub the dark ones until they shine”.

That’s a terrific statement. The wise philosophers of China are definitely well versed in this matter.

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