Things that children never forgive their parents (even when they grow up)

Things that children never forgive their parents (even when they grow up)

The problem of parents and children will always be relevant. Therefore, this topic can be argued endlessly. But from this the problem does not cease to be important. After all, it is our children who are often, if not the most important, then one of the most important meanings of our lives.

Unfortunately, many parents today are too caught up in their own ambitions, building careers and solving personal problems, while children are relegated to the back burner. At the same time, our children grow up and the worst thing may happens when “It’s too late”. If you, as a parent, wake up to your parenting mistakes when the child has grown up, you may not deserve forgiveness.

What are the things that children never forgive their parents, even when they grow up?

1. Sneering

Never, never, never, under any circumstances, make sneer of your children. Even if it is just a harmless joke in company. A minor detail that seems harmless to you may be perceived by a child as a deliberate insult. And after that, your child will forever cease to perceive you as an ally.

2. Constant yelling

If you constantly yell at your child, you show your weakness and helplessness. Parents who raise their voice to their child are perceived as insecure, unable to keep their emotions inside themselves. And the child becomes frightened.

Also, yelling builds a demonstrative nature in children: they get used to emotional reactions and often purposely begin to provoke adults. That’s why it’s important to be able to control yourself, even when raising naughty children.

3. Lack of support

Good parents always support their children and motivate them to get new highs.

Average parents do nothing to support their children. Bad parents do even worse – they criticize their children. From their mouths a child can hear: “You’re nothing. You can’t do anything. You will never achieve anything”.

Needless to say, when a child grows up, he or she will only see good parents with love. And the rest will be avoided.

4. Comparison with other children

Many parents make the mistake of saying to their child: “Look at what your classmate can do! I wish you could do that, too”. It’s wrong tactic! Comparing your child to others puts a lot of pressure on the child’s psyche and undermining it.

By giving someone as an example to a child, we make him/her think that he/she is inferior. We think that in this way we stimulate kid to become better, but in fact the opposite effect occurs. As a result, such children grow up to be insecure people.

5. Excessive demands

All parents want their child to be the best. And always and in everything. But it is impossible.

Excessive ambitions of parents and constant pressure can lead to the fact that a son or daughter will grow up to be apathetic towards everything. Or else grow up to be a rebel.

6. Humiliating punishments

When punishing their child, many parents go overboard and don’t even realize it. Of course, if a child has made a serious mistake, an appropriate punishment should follow. But everything must be in moderation.

Some parents come up with punishments that humiliate the child and put pressure on his psyche. It is important to find limits in this life. By constantly punishing and creating moral pressure, positive results are unlikely to be achieved.

7. Unkept promises

If you can’t keep a promise, it’s better not to promise. This is a golden truth that adults instill in us from childhood, right? And they repeat it to the child over and over again, demanding that he or she keep his or her promises.

But adults themselves often break that rule, always finding excuses (“I could not because”, “Today is bad circumstances”, “I have so many other problems” and so on). Believe me: the child will remember it forever.

8. An imposed dream

Very often parents, without realizing it themselves, through the child realize their lost opportunities. The most striking example: as a child, my mother dreamed of becoming a good dancer, but could not. Now she forcibly forces her own daughter to go to training and practice dance against her will, seeking to fulfill her own desire through her child.

Such behavior can concern absolutely different spheres:

  • Where to study;
  • Who to be friends with;
  • Which boy (girl) to date and which not to.

Parents firmly believe that they are doing everything solely for the benefit of the child, and that he will thank them in the future, but the opposite is true. Without considering the child’s real desires mother and father ruin fate of the child and depriving him or her of the opportunity to build own life.

9. The words: “I wish you weren’t born”

This is the worst thing a parent can say to his or her child.

Yes, raising children is a difficult task, and many parents say very hurtful words to their children in the heat of the moment. But you should never say this phrase (no matter what the child has done and no matter how hard is you feel).

Remember: it is impossible to take back the words you said. Children do not forgive such things, and this wounding phrase is forever etched in their memory. The mother and father can ask forgiveness for a long time, be sorry, and kneel, but the child’s awareness of his uselessness will always poison his or her soul.

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