Life changes for the better if you observe these 3 basic laws of the Universe

Life changes for the better if you observe these 3 basic laws of the Universe

Time flies, people change, whole societies and countries change. Every second reality changes around us. Some people simply follow the new reality, while others create their own. And if thinking about it makes you skeptical, I would like to say: “Have you ever tried to change your reality?”

Then how in our power to avoid mistakes, to fill life with miracles and happiness. Just by learning to observe the 3 golden laws of the universe.

First law: Similar attracts similar

The whole world around us is energy, and we are a part of it, capable of attracting to ourselves everything that is consonant with our thoughts: people, circumstances, resources. Nothing esoteric, just physics.

Let’s recall from school, what is the main characteristic of energy? That’s right, the frequency of oscillations! The oscillations with the same frequency attract and amplify each other, and those with different frequencies repel each other.

By reacting with irritation and aggression, we surround ourselves with more evil and waste our life energy on overcoming difficulties created by our own hands. We only attract more problems by complaining about unfavorable circumstances, a self-promoting boss, and unscrupulous people in relationships. It turns out that the main enemy is within us and it is our thoughts.

  • Do you want respect? Then learn to accept people for who they are, respecting their strengths;
  • Do you dream of love? Then learn to love and accept yourself, without judgment and looking at their shortcomings under a microscope;
  • Do you want financial independence? Then learn to be grateful for every little thing and give without demanding anything in return, getting sincere pleasure from it.

Radiate the right vibrations if you want to attract what you want in life. The Universe is a very capricious but objective “lady”: she has no favorites, she focuses on the frequency of your vibrations and pedantically fulfills your requests. And it is only in your power to control whether the order it fulfills will make you happy or upset you.

Second law: Similar produces similar

It may seem to some that this is just a rephrasing of the first law. But it is not. Because its essence is that man is responsible for what he generates, for what he creates. Whether it’s children, relationships with co-workers, or raising pets. In other words: if the father is a lion, then the son is a lion.

Your attitude towards life, your interest or lack thereof in what you are doing, your emotions and priorities are mirrored in the end result. Without noticing it, you fill it with your energy.

  • So is it worth waiting for a miracle if you do something idly?
  • Should you expect to create a culinary masterpiece if you cook with reluctance?
  • Should you expect to have a trusting relationship with your children if you don’t trust anyone?
  • Should you expect your coworkers to be there for you if you think they are clumsy?

The point is that not only do we attract similar energies to ourselves, but we also generate them ourselves. Remember this.

Third law: What does not become similar is rejected

I think the meaning of this law of the universe is more than clear to everyone (especially those who have ever experienced a breakup).

It is a sad situation if a couple breaks up. It always brings pain, a desire to regain what was lost, to “glue the cup” back together. And as long as one is “sick” of the other, attuned to the vibrations of the loved one, he or she will, voluntarily or involuntarily, reappear in life, causing pain again.

But as soon as one lets go of the relationship, all the reminders disappear, and something new will certainly appear in life.

When two people’s frequencies stop resonating, they become more and more distant from each other, until they disappear from the horizon altogether. The universe simply removes from our lives anything that doesn’t work with us in unison, replacing the energy imbalance with harmony.

So you should not get upset if, for example, with all your efforts, there is no relationship with colleagues or management and you have to look for a new job. Yes, the situation is not the most pleasant. But it just says that the energy of these people does not resonate with yours.

Once you understand this law you will understand why it doesn’t resonate and why it never will. And if you close your eyes to this situation, being afraid of not making money, not daring to go somewhere else, you will only deplete your energy, trying to achieve the impossible.

Try to become a creator of your life, because these golden laws are in our full submission. As you want, so it will be.

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