How to know how much you’re in love? Paul McCartney quotes

How to know how much you’re in love? Paul McCartney quotes

Love is a very high feeling that not every person can understand. When we meet a man or a woman on our way, we get so deep into emotions, the candy-flower period, and sympathy, that we forget that the head must also “work”.

The point is that our emotions take over, so it turns out that our instinct to “choose a person for ourselves according to the principle of healthy thinking” literally shuts down for a while. This is how disappointment happens, i.e. we first get fired up by the person, and then we realize after a couple of months (or even weeks) that we are incompatible, we have to break up.

And that relationship experience becomes another one in your path again. And opening up to someone again becomes more and more difficult.

So how to make it clear to yourself that you love someone, and it’s not just a candy period, but much more? How to stop listening to only one heart and not be afraid that there will be a breakup, because you will know it will not come? How to identify the right person?

Experiencing feelings for the person next to you is one thing. All those tactile things you feel inside are just physical attraction. You can’t do without it, because it means that you are attracted to the person, you like his smell, his appearance, his whole appearance.

But if the soul of a person does not match your ideas, then it is unlikely that you will meet in the future and will be together. Yes, physically you will be attracted, but not spiritually.

The most important thing for everyone is to be listened to and supported. You can’t even imagine how important that is! Understanding is that subtle bond between people that is not born immediately, but over time. Some people don’t have it at all, which is unfortunate.

Loving a person means not being afraid to reveal yourself. If you tell your beloved the most intimate things that you would never tell anyone in your life, not even your friends, it is the first call that the person has become insanely important to you. And the word “crazy” in this case is a minimum! To turn yourself inside out to that person, to tell him all your problems and not be disappointed in his reaction to you – that’s worth a lot.

And if the person stays by your side after all that, will still support you and hold your hand – that’s the kind of love that people “hunt” for. Such love will be able to do anything! That kind of love won’t be afraid of anything.

Paul McCartney, a great man, a knight, a participant of the Beatles, always said that nothing could save the world but love. If people support each other and find common ground, the problem of humanity will be solved forever. Not everyone manages to agree with each other and open up, but if it works, then you’re a happy person. McCartney put it this way:

“You don’t realize how much you love until you open up to beloved and tell her/him about your past life”.

Have you ever really thought about the fact that you only show the real you to a select few people? It is an unplanned action that is only shown to those whom you truly love and appreciate. McCartney also said:

“Ultimately, the love you accept is equal to the love you create”.

If you have a man who is ready to be with you to the end, knowing all the history of your life that was before him – hold on to him and try not to lose him. If you have a girl who is near you, who, in spite of all the difficulties, stays near you – take care of her. That’s true love.

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