Old age doesn’t come until you decide to invite it

Old age doesn’t come until you decide to invite it

According to the famous russian neurophysiologist Natalia Bekhtereva, the human brain ages separately from our body. And that means old age doesn’t come until you decide to invite it.

It is the brain that is the main organ that should (and can) be preserved even in the oldest years. It (brain) will become the first step to the so-called biological immortality or eternal youth.

Every age is beautiful. To say that the aging process of the brain cannot be slowed down is wrong. But by constantly training your cognitive functions and being open to everything new, it is possible to reach heights even at a mature age.

Let us, within the framework of this article, consider what Mrs. Bekhtereva proposed to do in order to delay our old age:

  1. The key factor that most frequently and significantly affects the brain state of a healthy person are emotions. Learn to manage your emotions and you’ll feel much better, even in old years;
  2. Our brain loves activity. To delay old age, you need to walk more often, breathe more fresh air. But the best way is to swim! After water procedures you become just a different person;
  3. Spoil yourself more often, try to make little pleasures for yourself. Our brain is so built that it constantly needs a “refill” with new emotions. In old age it can be a new bed of flowers, a puppy or an interesting hobby. The main thing is that it should bring you joy;
  4. Don’t forget that your brain is young while it’s active. To keep it that way, do crossword puzzles, solve simple math exercises, read more;
  5. It is impossible to create a new future by clinging to the old. It is thoughts of past successes, regrets of missed opportunities that usually pull people back. To postpone old age, you need to find yourself new meanings, new ideas, new hobbies. You can start learning new recipes, start cooking in new ways. You can start painting with a brush or even try to write a book;
  6. Take care of your nerves. Our brain, by the way, has this function of guarding itself from being overrun by a barrage of negative emotions. Obviously, nature intended this for something. This is a reason for reflection;
  7. We are all children, as long as we are interested in life. In old age, it is better to take an example from children, who live interestingly and are happy to see everything new. When we are over 50, on the contrary, we think that we already know everything and lose interest in most things. And if there is no interest, and life becomes uninteresting. So change this attitude in yourself – start to look at everything you see with interest;
  8. Every brain has its own thinking code. You’ve probably heard the phrase: “After all I’ve been through, I’m a different person”. So this is exactly the result of the reorganization of the work of the brain. To maintain mental health in old age you must understand what in your memory frightens you, what pulls you back and rebuild your thoughts in the right direction;
  9. If you constantly set yourself goals (for example, to see your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, to see the world, to learn a new language, to learn how to grow plants, to write a book, to learn to knit and so on), then you will never feel tired of this life;
  10. The years take away everything external, and with age the human soul is gradually freed from the covers and appears in its original form. There is no longer a need to please someone, to play some games. You can be yourself as you are, say what you think and how you feel. You finally realize that you don’t need much to be happy. So enjoy the simple little things and live long.

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