Burnout State. 10 personal habits that will help to get out of it

Burnout State. 10 personal habits that will help to get out of it

Burnout is a condition similar to extreme fatigue: it becomes difficult to get up in the morning, we don’t want to communicate with anyone, we lose the meaning of any activity, and sleep and even long vacations do not help at all. This condition occurs when a person’s responsibilities and duties far exceed his or her abilities and resources.

A lot has been said and written about burnout lately. It would seem, though, that the pandemic and the resulting remote work should have reduced the risks of burnout (since you no longer have to expend energy on getting to the office and communicating with your colleagues, which is not always positive). But it turned out to be the opposite: people work just as hard and often even more than before, and the usual fatigue was joined by anxiety, uncertainty about the future, and fear of losing their job.

How to avoid burnout?

The problem of burnout is most often faced by entrepreneurs and people in managerial positions. Therefore, a simple solution (change activities, go on vacation or avoid problems in work) in this case is not suitable.

So what to do? How to overcome burnout? There are 10 effective tricks that we will tell you about below:

1. Personal assistant. You have no idea how important this is! First, if you have an assistant, you delegate a lot of routine to him. But more importantly, the second: the assistant is your “smart barrier”: by delegating a bunch of organizational tasks to the assistant (to schedule meetings, get information, solve logistics issues with trips or courier calls), you critically reduce the level of stress – you are no longer constantly distracted from the important.

2. 10,000 steps outside (exactly outside, not in a fitness or office center!!!). You need to do it daily, regardless of the weather. Walking is very good for relieving stress, relieves the brain, and gives you a chance to think about what’s important. Why is it important for me to walk outside? Yes, because in the fitness room there is a “vanity fair” – everyone is looking at each other, and you get distracted by looking and comparing yourself to others. On the street, you’re alone. And your face becomes fresher when you walk outside. 🙂

3. An hour of silence and solitude (I combine it with 10 thousand daily steps). Allows you to calm down, focus, think about important things.

4. Prolonged sleep. No matter how busy you are, you should try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Yes, you may have to sacrifice other things (e.g. communication with family), but in a nervous state you are a bad conversationalist, mother or father. So it is better to get enough sleep, and to solve your personal tasks at another time.

5. Start the morning with a smile. Yes, it’s not easy in this state, but you should learn to adjust yourself in an optimistic way. Only in this way you can avoid the burnout of the routine and melancholy of everyday life. Personally, I do this: my first thought in the morning is “What’s cool in my life going to happen today?” It doesn’t have to be about money, success, achievement. It can be an interesting meeting, a book, a contract, a conversation, a purchase. Anything, but be sure to find a little joy for the coming day that will allow you to get up with a smile. The day will turn out better (tested!).

6. Get a home pet. They are great stress relievers. It could be a dog, cat or rabbit (whatever). The main thing: that you feel comfortable and this animal understands you and calms you down. Personally, I love my labrador Ritchie, he always supports me when I feel bad.

7. Don’t set the bar too high and be honest with yourself. Excessive demands will lead you to “self-hatred” condition and lack of honesty will lead to self-pity and indulgence. These are all dead-end strategies that will lead to more burnout. It’s better to be honest about your abilities: “This I can do, because where I’m good, and this I delegate. I made a mistake here, but I’ll fix it, because I know how”.

8. Meditation. It’s a great way to reduce stress and tension in the body. Personally, when I feel that the stress is about limit and I can’t cope with it, I always start doing twice a day cycles of meditation (I installed an app on my phone): one for breathing and relaxation, the second before going to sleep.

9. Reading books. These should be fiction books, as all other books won’t unload your brain. I’m currently reading on a one book a 2 week regimen. It allows me to take my mind off of my operational routine and look at business and all of life from a different angle.

10. Proper Nutrition. I watch what I eat and try to limit my intake of sweets, fast food and alcohol. This allows me to keep my body toned and to endure stress more easily. Taking a complex of various vitamins every day also helps me to avoid burnout.

These are all 10 tricks that allow me not to worry about burnout. How effective are they? Well, I’ve been working in “hell schedule” for 2 years now (14-hour workday 6 days a week) and I feel myself a pretty happy.

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