7 cruel truths of life that we usually deny until we confront them

7 cruel truths of life that we usually deny until we confront them

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There are cruel truths of life that we encounter, and it’s always not pleasant. Some turn a blind eye to these truths and then suffer, and some make peace with them and go on to live a much better life. Which path to choose? It’s up to you to decide.

1. No one cares about our problems

Some people like to poke fun at their failures: “I have a bad job, I don’t have enough money, I borrowed it from my mother again… My wife nags me, my kid is annoying, my car is old” and so on. As a psychologist, I have always wondered how these people’s interlocutors behave. They behave in different ways: some nod sympathetically, some laugh, some agree…

However, I noticed something else: almost all of the people who agreed with the plight of their interlocutor were not ready to really help him. Their support ended with just words.

The bitter truth of life is that no one cares about your problems. Moreover, if you constantly complain, you begin to be considered weak. If you talk only about your problems, people turn away from you, they don’t want anything to do with you.

The modern world needs strong people, not people who focus on their failures.

2. Money goes to those who think about it

I used to not understand the phrase: “To have more money, you have to think about it 80% of the time”. It seemed like nonsense to me. Why? It’s better to think about happiness, and the money will come. So I lived for a nine years with a modest salary of $800-900 per month.

But when I started working for myself as a psychologist, I realized that constant thoughts about money not only did not get in the way, but also helped me feel better. I began to work on my efficiency, constantly inventing how to improve my work with clients, increasing my education, taking new courses. Then I began to conduct educational courses myself. This allowed me to increase my income by 8 times!

My opinion has changed today:

Those people who complain that they don’t have enough money just don’t want to think about it seriously. They don’t want to put in the effort, work harder, study more to earn more. Instead, they are more concerned with stressing less and having more fun.

3. Women don’t love just for nothing

This point is especially important for men (although women with a non-traditional orientation, too).

Many blogs and social networks today are full of such nonsense: “Everyone has his soul mate, you just need to find it”. Or “I want to be accepted for who I am”. It’s all bullshit! Loser’s dreams!

Remember: No one in the world will love you unconditionally except your mother. 

We love women for beauty, intelligence, emotion and inspiration, women love us for strength, intelligence, protection and God knows what else. But always FOR. Stop hoping that you will be loved bad smelling, angry or poor.

4. Life is full of problems

A leaky pipe in the kitchen? Scuffed up the fender of your new car? Is your wife unhappy because you don’t go out? The baby is sick again?

Get over it! Life is a series of problems that you need to know how to solve. And the more effectively you solve them, the happier you become. At work you get paid for that, women love you for that, and children admire you and want to be like you.

5. If you don’t know how to fight, you will lose

Fighting is as much a basis of life as nutrition and reproduction. All living beings on our planet are fighting for their place under the sun. Therefore, the skill of a fighter in oneself must be kept and constantly developed.

It is not necessary to fight physically (although for a man it is good), you can fight intellectually, verbally, technologically. And if you want to be successful all these skills must be pumped very well.

6. Health given only once in a lifetime

At the age of 20-25 it seems to you that “the sea is knee-deep”. That’s because your body is maximum healthy and regenerates itself quickly. You can drink a lot alcohol, walk around in light clothing, don’t brush your teeth and don’t exercise – your health will be fine.

But with each decade, it gets worse, breakdowns accumulate. At 35+, you realize that your health is one thing. Your teeth start to ache, your back breaks, you pay to go to the doctor, but you still don’t sleep well.

If you don’t take care of your health after 35, you will feel worse every year. Because of increased fatigue and soreness you will have problems at work and in the family.

So you should take care of your health. You have only one health and it is given only once in a lifetime.

7. Do you want to be main? Then love responsibility

It is well known that bosses make more money than subordinates. That is why every employee dreams of becoming a boss as soon as possible. However, few subordinates are willing to take on the extra responsibility. Well, I will disappoint you, dear “boss chair lovers”: if you want to be main, then love responsibility and be ready for more problems.

The misunderstanding of leadership today is not just at work, but everywhere. Take, for example, families in which all decisions are made by the wife.

Many men want to be good heads and fathers in the family. But they are completely unwilling and unable to take responsibility for others. If a wife does not listen to her husband, he can resent her, he can leave the house, he can stomp his feet, beat the dishes, proving his point. But is that leadership?

Leadership is responsibility for people. For husband it’s responsibility for the children and the wife. Just as directors are responsible for their subordinates.

Does a director run away from his company if employees argue with him? No, he sits down and thinks how to make everyone happy. Or at most, he takes harsh but fair measures. And yes, this measures can be unpleasant. But such is life, such is its next cruel truth.

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