Met a simpleton girl, ran away from a goddess

Met a simpleton girl, ran away from a goddess

Hello, friends. I work as a family psychologist and recently I was approached by a patient with an interesting story:

Men are strange people after all. I was once on a bus. It was autumn, and the weather was disgusting: shallow snow and rain, a mess of ankle-deep mud underfoot. I was wearing jeans and a winter jacket with fur. The fur is wet, and I look like a “wet cat”. And there was not a single gram of makeup on my face.

And suddenly a young man decides to get to know me on the bus. Very decently dressed. We had a nice chat. And although I was not in the mood, I gave him my phone number.

Surprisingly, he called. Invited me to the theater. I came to the theater as used to, in “full dress”: in a great pantsuit and cashmere coat. And then I appear in front of him. You should have seen his face! He was getting to know a simpleton girl, and here came a goddess…

The young man was disappointed. The acquaintance ended as quickly as it began. Apparently he was just afraid that I would be like all the goddesses (to love him for money). And in vain. I was interested in him, and the acquaintance could have continued.

Personally, this story is not new to me. But usually men came to me with these problems, and here was a girl.

What can I say? My opinion: the young man was just scared. Of what? The metamorphosis of the girl he wanted to date. It is not necessary that he “did not want a goddess”, most likely he was simply not psychologically prepared for the fact that the appearance of his girlfriend would change so much.

There is another version: the man simply wanted to conquer the girl by bringing her to an unusual place for a date – the theater. However, when she came in expensive clothes and behaved confidently, it threw him into confusion (How could it be? Has she already been here? Will I be able to surpise and delight her at all?).

Met a simpleton girl, ran away from a goddess

Many men mistakenly believe that if a girl in plain clothes and no makeup rides the bus, it will be easy to win her over. And that seems to me to be a very common dilemma of men. I’ve had to deal with it more than once myself.

In terms of male psychology, I understand men:

  • On the one hand, a man has the “instinct” of a leader: he wants to find an easier, younger, more naive girl, so that he can easily be a leader and dominate her. She is easy to impress, easy to charm, she looks up to him and listens to everything he says;
  • On the other hand, a naive simpleton girl cannot please a man intellectually and emotionally because she is naive and superficial, has not seen life and the world. So a man wants a wise woman, with whom it is interesting not only to lie, but also to walk, talk and do joint projects, whether it be family or work. But such a woman is not easy to “cope” with. She is experienced and knows what she wants, she will not be surprised simply. It is quite likely that she herself works and earns (just nice speeches and compliments won’t work here).

As a result, men may run away from such women even though they themselves desire them. As a matter of truth, I used to run away like that myself, because I didn’t want to bother. Even though a woman likes a man!

I think every man has to determine for himself whether he wants ease and unburdenedness from a relationship or depth and interest. In the first case, look for simpletons, in the second – mature and intelligent women. And be ready to work on the relationship. As for me. I made my choice a long time ago.

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