Why is it dangerous to walk among the graves?

Why is it dangerous to walk among the graves?

Everyone has to visit a cemetery sometimes. And it’s better not to approach other people’s graves – this is an ancient belief. Because you can be at the mercy of the so-called “active grave”.

The grave is the last home of the human being on earth. The soul goes to the next world, but some part of the energy stays here for a while. An imprint of the personality of the deceased, a hologram. And those thoughts and feelings that a person had at the time of leaving may remain close to his or her grave. It’s like someone leaving a room, but the smell of perfume, that is the trace of the person’s presence remains.

Sometimes this trace is negative and very strong. And a destructive, dangerous for living people energy field spreads around such a person’s grave.

This is an assumption, but many have experienced the influence of such graves. Many legends are associated with the destruction of ancient tombs. It is the same with graves.

Of course, not all graves in a cemetery are dangerous. How do you recognize an “active grave” that sucks energy from the living?

  1. It often looks unmaintained, it is covered with many grass, dirt and leaves;
  2. The second serious sign is that the ground falls on it;
  3. Usually such a grave has no fence or it is broken;
  4. If there is a picture of the deceased, his gaze seems alive, intense, heavy.

When you approach such a grave, a strange feeling arises: fear is mixed with attraction. As a magnet pulls to such a grave, you want to approach, look closer. But to do it categorically it is absolutely forbidden!

You may or may not believe in an afterlife, but listen to me: all of nature is made up of positive and negative energy, of creation and destruction, of plus and minus. And what such places radiate is clearly not positive and creative.

Such a grave gives off a heavy energy. It is possible to feel bad, and then get sick, lose vitality. You will start to have terrible dreams, anxiety, depression… Especially it is possible if you disrespect the grave or stay near it for a long time.

Such graves are still used by sorcerers to this day for their abominable practices. In ancient Greece, they used to bury decipheons, lead plates with curses, in graves. They used them as a mailbox to send a message to the evil forces. It was usually the grave of a person who had passed away under tragic circumstances: violently or at his own hands. The emotions of the moment of death were left on the ground and concentrated in the place of the last refuge. That is why such people used to be buried behind the fence of the cemetery.

It could be the grave of an evil person (it also happens). The imprint of his personality remained and continues to feed on the living, to harm them. It can also be the grave of a prematurely departed person who clung to life, did not want to die, suffered, was afraid, was very much attached to the earthly world. But thought-forms remain and crave “nourishment from those who are still alive”.

It’s hard to explain to insensitive people, but since ancient times there have been prohibitions and rules. They were just observed, that’s all.

That’s why it’s dangerous to walk among the graves. That’s why it’s better not to look at what you shouldn’t. If you came to the cemetery to remember relatives or acquaintances, do not go to the “active graves” of strangers. If they are on your way, it is better to bypass carefully. You can pray mentally for the souls of the dead.

The rules of human behavior in the cemetery have been observed everywhere and at all times. And they should not be neglected. Human death is an unexplored area and scientists don’t yet know exactly how the dead transmit energy to the living. So you shouldn’t joke with it.

If you feel unwell after visiting a cemetery, esotericists advise to take a shower, thoroughly wash your shoes and wash your clothes. Then go outside and look at the sky (this is the antipode of the earth). This method is a good way to switch the mind and get rid of terrible thoughts.

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