List of phrases to help maintain cool and equanimity

List of phrases to help maintain cool and equanimity

There is a pattern: the higher we rise, the more envious and hostile people become around us. Some of these people deliberately want to make us lose our temper by behaving inappropriately, being abusive, and being rude to us.

What should we do in such a situation? You can respond with rudeness to rudeness. But that is not a good idea. Look at politicians and big businessmen – they don’t do that. Instead, they simply keep quiet or change the subject, keeping their cool, calm and unperturbed.

This strategy, by the way, is also good for our nerves, heart and health in general. Gerontologists counted statistics on long-livers and it turned out that most of these people were of a calm character, they were able to control their emotions and did not waste their nerves.

So we can conclude that equanimity and endurance in stressful situations, the ability to control yourself is what takes care of our nervous system and prolongs our life.

Below we present a list of phrases to help maintain cool and equanimity in difficult situations:

  1. I’m stronger than that;
  2. The basis of all wisdom is calm and patience;
  3. Throw dirt at me, throw rocks at me. I am calm because I am a RIVER!
  4. Everything that happens around me is just a background, all events are neutral;
  5. This person is not worth my attention;
  6. I am the son (daughter) of Christ. And he endured more than that;
  7. Flaws are what make us unique. I accept mine. I don’t try to “filter out” my human nature;
  8. The smaller the dog, the louder and more it barks;
  9. The dog barks and the caravan walks;
  10. If there is no peace inside us, it is useless to look for it outside;
  11. Calm is stronger than emotions. Silence is louder than shouting;
  12. I am just breathing anger. But now I shall breathe out and it’s gone;
  13. I don’t take to heart the words of people with a sick mind;
  14. Everything leaks out over time. I leave the bad in the past and smile at the future;
  15. It’s always quiet in the heart of a hurricane;
  16. To be angry and irritated is nothing more than punishing yourself for someone else’s stupidity;
  17. Serenity deprives my enemies of power and authority over me. Because in this state there is no fear or unnecessary anger, only reality, cleared of distortion and the interference of emotional outbursts;
  18. Wounds inflicted by one’s own unnecessary thoughts heal longer than any other;
  19. What we can perceive calmly no longer controls us;
  20. I will never have to regret what I managed to keep quiet about.

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