3 things a man only does with the one he really loves

3 things a man only does with the one he really loves

It is clear that all men have different attitudes toward women. After all, someone he loves, someone he lies that he loves, and about some even forgot. So it is interesting for women to know the things a man does only with the one he really loves.

Let us consider situations of sincere love, that is, when a man really loves his woman.

1. He’s willing to listen to you

The first thing is when a man is willing to listen to anything from a woman. And it doesn’t matter what she says or what she talks about. Men will understand me. Women often talk about things we don’t care about at all. We’re not interested in what color nails the girlfriend at work has, we’re not interested in how old the neighbor’s baby is, we’re not interested in a lot of things, really.

But if a man really loves a woman, he’ll listen to it all, and even dive into it. Will be interested further, ask for details and so on. After all, love is all about interest. If a man is intensely interested in a woman, he will listen to the things she says.

2. Signs of attention

This second thing is done by a small number of men in general. Even from my own memory, I hardly ever did that, but I didn’t like it either. Which once again confirms this rule. And it lies in the fact that a man makes small signs of attention and care: he will offer an umbrella if it rains, will offer a jacket if it is cold, will throw a blanket if a woman is already asleep, and so on.

If a man loves, all his attention is focused on the woman he loves. He makes sure that she was comfortable, while awakening a desire to care and take care of him. Therefore, it is important to see how much the man cares.

3. He wishes you happiness and self-actualization

This third thing, I think, is the most revealing. Few men are willing to lose power over their woman. Even if her actions promise benefits to herself.

Many women today want to be independent, want to develop, looking for new hobbies and so on. And here the reaction of a man is important. After all, many say “give it up”, “it’s not your thing”, “don’t do that nonsense”, etc. It’s many examples. But a loving man is always interested in the development of women.

Even if she came up with some strange, at first glance, a hobby, a loving man will support and help where possible. Many men are afraid that the woman will improve themselves and at one point will go away. But if a man loves, he will both help to develop, and himself will not give. Then there will be a happy union.

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