What kind of women are not asked to marry?

What kind of women are not asked to marry?

There are several categories of women to whom men are in no hurry to propose. And it is unlikely that they ever will. What are these categories?

Let us note at once that there is little that depends on a woman’s desire. It does not matter at all whether they want to get married or not. Some men simply believe that ladies do not suit them, as well as some women are not burning with the desire to create a family, and wanting to take them to the registry office at the same time plentiful. So which girls are not called to marry? Let’s find out:

She looking for a sponsor for the rest of her’s life

Such women, even if they have spectacular looks, can of course marry and find a sponsor, but only for a certain period of time. Men also want love and attention, no one likes to be just an appendage to a bank account.

Women without self-esteem

“No one wants me” – with that kind of self-esteem it is unlikely that you can get married. But it is realistic to run into a tyrant who will harass you all your life, making it a living hell.

Women who are looking for a prince

All girls read fairy tales as children, but few of them understand their essence. The search for a prince and exaggerated requirements for husbands discourage most applicants, and as a result, a woman is left alone.

Why does this happen? Because there are only a few princes in modern life (in general, the monarchy is rare now). The likelihood of meeting a prince and liking him today is practically zero. But even when you meet him, you have to match the royal persona (and not every lady can do it).

“I am a woman. I am beautiful. Everybody owes me”

This is one of the deepest misconceptions of modern women. Why is it so? Because women themselves wanted to be equal to men, created movements of emancipation and equality.

In the end, their desire to be equal turned against themselves. No one today evaluates a woman as: “She’s beautiful and she’s allowed anything”. No one man today thinks: “Since she is beautiful and loving, I should devote my whole life to her”.

There is a lot of debt in life, and men are very aware of which debt is worth their attention and which is not. In any relationship, in any family, there needs to be a balance between “give” and “take”.

All men are lustful males and bastards

With such attitudes a woman will meet only such men who do not need a wedding or a family. You don’t even want to live with them.

You should not limit yourself in your worldview. There are millions of men on this planet who dream and want to create a good, honest and kind family.

My husband should be my best friend

Very well, if that’s the case. However, few marriages can boast of this.

As a rule, husbands become friends with their wives only after a few years. Until then, only physiology and attraction work.

If you look for “your guy” as your husband, you are limiting yourself very much. Yes, you can have a friendly chat with such men at any time, but they are not looking to get married! And rightly so: friendship is friendship and marriage is marriage.

Fictitious marriages

If all you want is just a “stamp in your passport”, what do you expect from your husband? That he will suddenly love you for real? Only a few couples can boast of this.

Becoming a former concubine

Today many ladies dream of becoming mistresses of rich men and marrying well. In family psychology there is even a term “former concubine”. These are women who have been mistresses of wealthy men for a long time

Alas, but as practice shows – rich men do not want to marry their mistresses. But what is even worse: the reputation of the “former concubine” negatively affects you as well. Men think that you are spoiled with expensive gifts, exclusive attention and financial wealth of your former companion.

This is one of the largest categories of women today (ex-contestants). These women refuse to marry ordinary men because they only want rich men. At the same time, they are no longer suitable as lovers because of their age, and because of their exaggerated demands it is almost impossible for them to find a husband.

Preoccupied brides

“I want to get married at any cost”. Is a phrase that literally burns red on their foreheads. Marry whoever they want, as long as they get married. Men are simply frightened of such pressure and quickly run away from such brides wherever they can see them.

In fact, any woman can start a family. All that matters is figuring out what is keeping her from getting married and working on it. You need to raise your self-esteem, learn to trust the world more, be able to defend your personal boundaries, reconsider your beliefs and slightly moderate your ambitions. Everything is in your hands!

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