The “Castle walk” test, which will tell a lot about your character

The “Castle walk” test, which will tell a lot about your character

Are you ready to learn something new, interesting, and fascinating about yourself? Then take a paper and a pencil and imagine a castle. We invite you to take the “Castle walk” test. You will be surprised at the accurate analysis of your life that you will get from its results.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an painter at all, you don’t have to draw. It is simply a matter of understanding how the subconscious mind reproduces and depicts the various objects of the castle in the mind: the parts that will gradually be described in the questions.

So, are you ready to begin a fascinating walk through the castle in your mind? Then see the 6 image questions below and always imagine the situation and choose one of the suggested options. Write down your answers, at the end you will read their transcription.

The "Castle walk" test, which will tell a lot about your character

#1. You are at the front door of the castle. What does it look like?

  • It’s a simple wooden or steel door;
  • Or a door covered in climbing plants and hard to find and notice;
  • Or maybe it’s a huge wooden door with metal parts that looks a little intimidating.

#2. You open the door, go inside the castle and realize that there is no life in it, it has long been abandoned. What is the first thing you see?

  • A huge beautiful library with many books;
  • Large fireplace with a fire in it;
  • Large ballroom with gorgeous chandeliers;
  • A long corridor with many closed doors.

The "Castle walk" test, which will tell a lot about your character

#3. You look around and notice a ladder. You decide to climb it. What do the stairs look like?

  • It is a massive and simple staircase, rushing upwards. As if it leads nowhere;
  • A magnificently designed staircase in the form of an imposing spiral.

#4. After walking up the stairs, you find yourself in a small room with one window. What window is that?

  • It is an ordinary window of standard geometry and size;
  • It is a very small or narrow window, with barely any light coming through;
  • It is a huge window that covers almost the entire surface of one wall.

#5. Look out the window. What do you see?

  • Huge waves crash on the mighty rocks;
  • Snowy forest;
  • A green blooming valley;
  • A small but bustling city.

The "Castle walk" test, which will tell a lot about your character

Now go down the stairs and you will be in the place where you entered the castle. You walk down a long corridor and at the end you will find a back door.

#6. You open back door and go out into the courtyard. What does it look like?

  • The castle courtyard is full of weeds, dry trees and is fenced with a barbed wire fence;
  • The yard is in excellent condition, with many flowers, striking a variety of bright colors;
  • The castle grounds look untended, like a little jungle, but you can easily imagine how beautiful it can be made with a little effort.

The "Castle walk" test, which will tell a lot about your character

That’s the whole test. So, let’s see what the answers show (you wrote them down, right?).

First question

The castle door represents your attitude toward new experiences.

If you presented a simple door, you probably aren’t afraid of new challenges, challenges, and like to wield good fortune in new endeavors.

Chose a hidden door, you probably do not know what to do next, and currently perceive your future as a blurry, unclear image…

You chose the big but intimidating door, you’re probably afraid of change and avoid it if possible. You find it difficult to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Second question

What you immediately saw in the castle expresses your personal opinion of how other people perceive you.

Seeing the library, you think others see you as someone who is always ready to help them.

A large fireplace evokes a sense of warmth and passion; you think these are the emotions you evoke in those around you.

The banquet hall confirms the belief that you can surprise those around you and that you always have something to offer, to say, to complement.

If you chose a long hallway with a door, you feel that others do not understand you and that they need to make a great effort to approach you.

Third question

The ladder in the castle appears for a reason, because drawing it in your imagination represents your own view of your life.

If it was massive, simple, and seemed to lead to nothing, you perceive your life as a hard road. You live it as a victim.

If you chose a gorgeous spiral staircase, it proves that you love life and are a true romantic at that.

The "Castle walk" test, which will tell a lot about your character

Fourth question

According to psychologists, the way you draw a window in your imagination expresses how you feel right now.

A small window means that you are in a very difficult life situation, which may be accompanied by depression. Your mood is decadent, you think your situation is hopeless.

A normal standard-sized window indicates that you currently have really realistic demands on life and your surroundings. You understand that there are certain difficulties, but you look to the future with joy and optimism and see it very clearly.

The big window represents your determination, sense of invincibility, freedom, and willingness to achieve your goal.

Question Five

The view out the window is a kind of overview of your whole life so far.

A rough sea means that your life is rather hectic and unstable.

A snow-covered forest reflects a person who likes solitude and isolation from society.

A green valley indicates that you have a smooth and stable life, which proceeds without any major disruptions.

A lively city is evidence of community and the fact that you prefer to spend your free time with people.

The "Castle walk" test, which will tell a lot about your character

Question Six

The image of the yard reflects your view of your future.

If you chose an abandoned garden overgrown with weeds, it means you are pessimistic about your future and don’t expect anything good from it.

If you have chosen a beautiful blooming garden it means you are optimistic about your future and believe it will fulfill your goals and dreams.

If you chose the latter, it means that you are an optimistic, but at the same time very realistic person who knows exactly what to expect. If you do not wear “rose-colored glasses”, then on the contrary, you see all the problems well, but always find the strength to overcome them.

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