Evolution is not complete: human will become superhuman

Evolution is not complete: human will become superhuman

“From human will come the superhuman”. So said the famous Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo when asked about the future of civilization.

You may not be familiar with the writings of this man, but he was so popular and beloved in the twentieth century that monuments are being placed to him today.

The thinker, poet, yogi and guru Sri Aurobindo was known for his unusual view of the structure of the universe. He said, for example, that there is no such thing as righteous anger. And that anger and hatred are man’s most serious crimes because they contradict the divine nature. If there is no hatred in man, he can easily turn all his deeds into good.

He also spoke of the hypocrisy of some people who claim to love God but hate each other.

“If true love lives in the heart, there is no room for evil”.

In one of his works, Sri Aurobindo wrote that evolution is not complete and man is not its crown. According to him:

“Human beings are gradually transforming themselves, becoming more conscious, kinder and more merciful”.

This means that in the end humans will become “superhumans”, an improved version of themselves.

Evolution is not complete: human will become superhuman

Sri Aurobindo as a young man.

The sage also added:

“Intelligence is not the last word and the last stage of our evolution. Humans today are only in the middle stage – “thinking animals”. This is not nature’s highest ideal, and we have much to strive for. Just as man evolved from the animal, so from man will evolve the superhuman”.

According to the guru, the human mind is constantly changing and improving. For the time being, man is nothing more than a “thinking animal”.

What made Sri Aurobindo sure of this was the realization that there is a Higher Intelligence from which men have descended and to the consciousness of which we all aspire. At some point in evolution, the thinker describes, people will learn to make use of the Supermind: the body of knowledge about the world that exists in the field of information. That is, in modern terms, to connect to the invisible Internet without wires and special devices, but only through thought.

That is, people will unite with the Divine and be able to overcome the physical limitations of the material world and become more spiritual. That’s when the human becomes superhuman.

Thus, the intellect is not the end point of the development of consciousness. There are “plans of consciousness” above the human level that we will someday learn to connect to.

Evolution is not complete: human will become superhuman

Sage and philosopher Sri Aurobindo.

What prevents us from becoming a better version of ourselves today? Sri Aurobindo believed that the most important reason for this is the narrowness of our outlook and the narrowness of our thinking. He believed that people need to open themselves to “greater divine consciousness” in order to attain the power of light and bliss, to discover the true self, to remain in constant union with the Divine.

Interesting approach, isn’t it? Might it really be worth a try?

To conclude this article, I would like to share with you a few more of Sri Aurobindo’s great quotes:

If you want to succeed, work today as if there is no tomorrow.

What we (even in our wildest dreams) don’t expect until 2,000 or 5,000 years from now may appear tomorrow at dawn. And you may or may not be a part of it (it all depends on you).

Even if achieving what you are looking forward to and longing for today seems like a pipe dream today, it may be predestined for you in your next rebirth.

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